Schools must not start Sep 1

Thanks localcircles for running this survey. Received the report from one of my whatsapp groups. I had voted and totally believe that schools cannot be started in this academic year. 97000 children in america contracted covid in last 2 weeks after school opened.

I am a bit surprised to see 33% parents want schools to be on from Sep1. I would like to know their thought process.

See this study from WEF The graph below shows the proportion of the population infected by COVID-19 under four policy scenarios.The blue dashed line simulates the effects of an immediate school re-opening. This leads to a large increase in infections. The other scenarios simulate the effects of delaying schools re-opening until January 2021. These lead to much flatter curves. We find the most effective policy option (illustrated by the purple dotted line) to control infection rates while avoiding a blanket lockdown is to delay schools reopening until January 2021 while shielding the elderly. more  

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Corona Virus एक Normal Virus है,,जैसा की खांसी, बुखार,,, अब डरने की जरुरत नहीं है, जैसा की आजकल Media हमें डरा रही है,, more  
The Kids who are in HINDIA , having MOM & DAD ,eating NUTRITIOUS FOOD Like Pizza , Burger , Chicken , fast food Panipuri , Bhelpuri is going to affect . USA & western countries are more hygienic & hence they are highly affected more due to lo immunity power. In Bharat Have You seen any news that any street beggar died to CORONA ? No social distance, No cleaness , No sanitizer , No Polished food . CORONA Virus will not come there as itself gets affected or destroyed. Now , All Travel modes , Schools, Malls should get opened. If any Person get Illness ,he shouldn't be allowed in office/ workplace & School.whoever may be. Nothing will happened. till today No Country of the world able to Prove the Virus presence & its actual death cause. It is nothing but CATALYST which accelerate death process by attacking on weak organ. When it is not live Bacteria peoples are spraying chemicals in Air / On walls to Kill it ????? when unable to Fly ? this is one of Great Jokes. The death rate is 3 % as usual & for that you can;t hold 97 % peoples on Hosting / house arrest. foolish decisions should be taken away. Even Honest Doctors are knowing the fact but Kept quiet as it is against their society may cancelled their registration. Without any vaccine how the affected peoples get recovered ? It is Big question. more  
Is there any data for death of street beggars and their children, before and during the COVID-19 pandemic?
How many days you,your family and children have spent days and nights like street beggars?
We know plenty of politicians delivering sermons for austere living, but themselves living in styles dwarfing many kings.
We are general middle class/upper middle class people (presumed that rich people would not be having that much time/energy to spare to mingle with 'Local' Circle people). Let us play safe. more  
Which 3% is the question? more  
Many left idiology people are of the opinion that the School should reopen and the lockdown should be lifted. to control infection rates while avoiding a blanket lockdown. There should not be any schools reopening until January 2021 while shielding keeping the elderly people under strict vigil. more  
The graphs are mere projections based on the understanding of the spread, which is itself at a very low level. The higher immunity in children & importance of mental & physical health requires that schools be opened immediately. There is a need for monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis to fine-tune the response but sitting back at home is a bad decision. more  
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