School Fee Audit

Just do a simple analysis if we talk about inflation and other salary related issues. Suppose a renowned private school has 5000 students up to class 12. If we consider 5000 rupees (average) per month tuition fees for all the students. The amount comes to 30 Crore Annually. Now if we consider 1 teacher per 30 students, we have 167 teachers in total. Now if each teacher (TGT, PGT) takes on an average 50,000 rupees per month as salary. It comes to 10 Crore Annually. Take around 50 staff members and their average salary per month to be 10,000. We have 60 Lakhs Annually.

If Principal takes 20 Lakh package and 10 of their subordinates takes 15 Lakh package, it becomes 1.5 Crore Annually. Take 25 Lakhs Annually for other Administrative expenses.

So the total expenses (10 Crore + 60 Lakhs + 20 Lakhs + 1.5 Crore + 25 Lakhs) = 12 Crore 55 Lakhs.

Still a huge income of 17 Crore 45 Lakhs remains unutilized. If the school spends 1 Crore Annually for some construction, still 16 Crore 45 Lakhs remains unutilized. Where does this all money go?

This all calculation is based on just a monthly tuition fees. Imagine the wealth they accumulate taking development fees, annual fees, School bus fees, mandatory stationary and dress.

An audit should be done for all the private schools and Income and Expense report should be published to the masses. more  

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Running an Educational Institute has become a big business.It is no more a social cause or some sort of charity.Hence they will charge any thing they feel like and no body can question them. more  
Constitutional Mandates on , SC directions also were set aside from '90s. Parliament and Judiciary thus became the root cause of illiteracy , lack of employable Education ss well as JUSTICE together with LIVELIHOOD PROVISIONS OF INDIAN CONSTITUTION .

Must be set right. more  
Running an educational institution or a production/manufacturing facility or a trading activity, in whatever field, is focussed on numbers being in the plus at the end of the fiscal year.

Deficits contribute to unemployment, profits build up dividends and lead to raise in emoluments/salaries/wages etc.

Needless to say that any such business unit MUST be subjected to financial audits, no other way to go. The check-pedal needs to be pressed, if the revenues cross into the profiteering zone.

Having said that, my personal wish would be that some day the educational institutions, right from KG, Primary and Middle Schools upto Colleges/Universities etc. would be moved OUT of residential areas into compasses outside of the cities, where children can breathe fresh air and be physically active, which is an unavoidable factor for their mental growth for which they are sent to the school by their parents.

Woh Din Kabhi Toh Aayega.....!! more  
In and from 90s IT , Audit , Companies Act diluted , relaxed ; Policing and Checking Inspectors cornered/ diversified RESULTING CONTINUED MISAPPROPRIATION , CORRUPTION AND FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES IN INDUSTRIES , INSTITUTIONS , TRADE AND BUSINESS SECTORS.

To be re Regulated. more  
ok cost is one considerable point ,what to be actually worried about is the things they teach, education is all about awakening,but now a days it is just enslaving and brain washing more  
Like water Air and Health education is biggest problem - We are robbed looted and fooled. Governments are sold out so they are happily watching. more  
Many of the schools in this category don't pay good salary to the Teachers. Many of them don't follow the 30:1 student- teacher ratio. Many of them have buildings that don't conform to the Disaster Management Authority norms, Many of them don't follow the Hon'ble Supreme Court Directive on School Transport (Bus/ Van), Many of them are not even following the books of NCERT (Rather they are acting like agents of Private Publishers pricing hefty amounts). As per rule, they can't take tuition fee for the month of summer break, but they are taking the fee. Many of these schools are registered as not-for-profit Society. So, ideally, they are subject to Audit. If they are not doing their audit regularly, then it is a punishable offense. If they are not registered as a society, then they certainly have some kind of a license to operate the business. Whatever is the license, any income generating entity above a certain amount is subject to audit. If they are not doing the audit, again it is a punishable offence under whatever ACT they are registered. If not doing audit is a common practice, then Government should have a look at it's MONITORING MECHANISM and introduce a system of issuing Registration Card/ License for a certain amount of time (max 3 years) and then compel the schools to do audit, failing which the licence/ registration can be cancelled. more  
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