SBI has recently announced that it is going to charge certain amount of PENALTY from SB Account holders not maintaining minimum balances .Let there be any reasons or justification from their side but as public we oppose it as there is NO SUCH JUSTIFICATION.
What is the penalty bank will pay to customers for NOT KEEPING ANY CASH IN ATMs for months together and making people go from one ATM TO ANOTHER WASTING THEIR TIME AND PETROL YET no money there also
You give our money to corporates and big people and not able to RECOVER IT AND FINALLY WAIVE IT which you are doing WITHOUT ANY AUTHORITY while refusing to waive farmers small loans when crops fail.
We public and customers want to take back the decision by SBI and other banks if any more  

SBI is one of the worst banks in terms of services that it delivers and for it charges. Other banks are no angels. There should be a reverse charge on the banks employees for not giving satisfactory services. more  
SBI is now charging 550+GST for account closure,seems SBI is finding even more ingenious ways of taking money from people away more  
Introduction of Dranconian GST BILL with clear view of increasing the all rates EG: 12 to 18 % 18 to 27%,the govt may not have space to keep the paper money.Why there is no GST for party funds.Now we have more than 1000 party flags. Now this will increase to more to protect from IT,GST as one tax. Kindly see all VAT,Stategst Cenral taxes are increased .Now govt may think to tax every transaction in bank passbook will be taxed. enourmous money will flow, more parties and more flags, more statutes like rajasekhar reddy occupies much of the land in AP and telangana.causing traffic snarals,sitting place for youth, drunkards, birds easing spoiling the statute figure.IN this country there should be 3 parties GOOD, Bad, UGLY, they can remain atleast for 5 years shouting, entertaining,people. MPs like Tendulukar, Rekha amas dirty names with 5% attendence.There is no clean toilets even in train.Claiming Anaerobic bacteria cleanse perfectly.Because people cannot understand.ITneeds minium 12 hrs detention time. minium food to bacteria for acidification and methanation. since there is no bacterial activity no mercaptans like H2s, are absent.How you can claim swatch Bharati. Not one STP working in the country as per cpcb after performance evaluation in the entire country. STPS needs 24 hrs
electricity.Its performance based on providing o2 through aeration.This is blatant and direct shaming, the people.Wrong design,wrong location,
There is no institute in India to train STP operators S.D.Badrinath more  
I agree with you Mr Narella. Public suffered a lot during demonetisation particularly small villagers. The culprit bank managers and officers who made lot of golmals are not punished yet. more  
Fantasic Mr. Narella. The same thing I told to my customer relations Manager when I found they charged non maintenance of min balance in my account. He promptly reverted the charges. Banks take customers for granted.. more  
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