Revival of rural economy

1. It is hard work of farmers and farm laborers that the country’s agricultural bounty sustained it through the rigors of the pandemic and the lock down. Increase in farmer's income will help to revive the rural economy that contributes to national GDP. PM Modi has introduced three farm ordinances, Kissan Rail with refrigerated bogies and launched Agriculture Infrastructure Fund to boost the income of the farmers by selling their produce anywhere to anyone. Proposed Greenfield highways will improve the connectivity to major cities. It is a welcome step.
2. But farmers face problems in cities as there is no support to farmers from MCs and bureaucracy. MCs do not facilitate direct selling platforms for fruit and vegetable farmers that can cut middlemen and contain food inflation.
3. In Chandigarh, small and marginal farmers have been selling fruits and vegetables direct to customers in Kisan Mandis. It is closed due to pandemic. Now farmers do not come to their capital city to sell their produce direct to consumers due to fear of hefty challans. Because MC has not allocated any space to the farmers in the city without which it is encroachment, a violation of High Court order.

4. As such the local farmers are bound to sell their produce in Chandigarh periphery towns, 15 KMs away from the city and the middlemen benefit from this, as middlemen sell same produce to Chandigarh. Due to this, the consumers have to pay 200%-300% extra for the same vegetables.

5. No 2 Grain, fruit and vegetable market in Sec 39 Chandigarh outside city having ample open space with a big shed to maintain social distancing is lying unused. This can be used by the farmers to sell their produce direct to costumers during this pandemic, if permitted by the administration and organized by MC.
6. Suggestions are:
(a) Do away with the registration of farmers in cities and allow them to sell their produce anywhere to anyone
(b) MCs should facilitate direct selling platforms to the farmers in cities
(c) The hassle-free movement to farmers across the country without any harassment by MC and police officials except for security checks
(d) One nation one Kisan ID card
(d) Market fee if any be charged daily because farmers sell their produce for a short duration
(e) Open Kisan Mandis for selling of Fruit and vegetables more  

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The farmers are striving hard and generating various crops and vegetables. The business community in the local market are exploiting the farmers in purchasing their products. There are procedural defects in getting minimum support price offered by government and the farmers are suffering. more  
In the Banking Sector, it is said that the Customer is the King and a Banker has to keep the Customer on the head!

Similarly, in the national life, the Farmer is the King and a Farmer's produce cannot be treated as hypothetical but to be hypothecated to the Nation.

In my opinion, like our civil administrative services, Farming should be declared a statutory civil service and all registration-eligible Farmers should be paid monthly Salary for carrying out farming works including marketing. more  
At least Farmers must be endowed with Article 48 Directives added with growing Technology. more  
On the other hand, middlemen transport the produce from the farmgate, pay cash, store in cold storage or warehouse at their own risk and cost, Transport from mandi to urban areas, retailers display and sell the produce and deal with loss by perishables and so on, so let me make a simple revelation, all these activities cost money and its a rare farmer who can do all these activities by himself. Obviously those who invest money and effort in these logistics activities, will expect a profit.

Hence what is sold at Rs. 10 at the farmgate would easily be sold for Rs. 30 to Rs. 40 or even more in the air-conditioned retail store.

Nothing comes free. Someone has to pay for it. more  
Insufficient livelihood infra in Towns mostly Cities set off Individual Access to cultivating Places tendering inevitable Mediating Agencies in Livelihood Essentials too.
STCs in States , DTCP , UDAs also grossly FAILED
Decentralisation Though realised as the ultimate need , Governments grossly ignored
1. Increasing Hikking Price Raise of Essential commodities
3. Human Crowding causing Pollution
4. Increasing Cost of Living , Residential Housing , Education , Policing
Yes there are costs but then why not allowing the farmers to compete. Its typical ideology of Govt babus and middlemen nexus to add levels of illogical bureaucratic measures and keep individuals from accessing the market more  
This is why States to maintain State Trading Corporations under District Control for Crop Selection , Fertilisers , Transportation for Sale in Districts .
Out of State and Export need to be Managed by the Farm Societies . more  
This is my personal observation.
In Gujarat, Municipal Corporations / Nagarpalikas have built special sheds for farmers to sell vegetables. However, farmers do not go there. They do not want to come to city or Taluka Place to sell their produces. They sell their produces to middlemen/vegetable vendors and they are ok.
This is the problem, which results in huge price difference between a farmer gets and a common man pays for a particular product.
People are also responsible, to some extent, that they do not want to go to such vegetable market as it is little bit far off. They want to purchase vegetable from a vendor who supplies at their door step.
All government efforts will not give fruitful results unless mindset of farmers, also, changed with changed environment. more  
I agree with Mr. Chandhok and Vemoory too. I agree with Mr. Shukla too that the lobby is powerful and will not allow the farmers to sell their goods to the public but what I wish to state is that when the farmers market came to our area a year ago their prices were quite high- what I mean is they were profiteering too. more  
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