Restaurant Service Charge & Black Money: Solutions

Thanks to every member of LocalCircles who since 2016 has been vocal on the issue of Forced Restaurant Service Charge. The Government has finally made its intent clear about calling this illegal and issuing orders soon. Below is the link to all aspects of service charge that you shared feedback on:

Govt acts on LocalCircles ask of removing Restaurant Service Charge, order soon

We at LocalCircles do believe that good service must be rewarded well and encouraged but a charge for bad service cannot be forced on consumers.

If you have additional inputs on this subject on restaurant service charge please share the same.

Together, we will continue to make it happen!! more  

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No tips necessary, if service charge being levied in the bill. In the airs one puts on in restaurants the customer, if he or she haggles over the charge, appears to be petty. Wrong, some could feel, yes, but that also remains a fact. Make service charge illegal but then we must be ready for the consequences. Would hotels or catering establishments attract people into the profession of hospitality. After all we are seeking to compete with the developed world through being a service, rather than manufacturing economy. Hospitality creates many times more jobs than manufacturing. Technically, there are 4 categories - Take away or home delivery, economy, service and luxury. Leaving the first, the second involves serving oneself, the cheapest, while the other last 2 involve being served at the table with the pricing being in that order. Therefore go by your choice. App based technology allows us choices. Finally, make a rule that extra food from catering establishments goes to the needy, given how the world faces a resource crisis! more  
Tip is optional only. more  
The word TIP emerged in western world. As I knew in the USA,it was abbreviation of To Improved Performance. In renowned trains of Ind Rly, tips are collected/usurped in highly disgusting & ignoble manner, by waiters. At the end of a meal waiters carry & exhibit (blatantly) some container with sizable cash. Intention is to advise passengers to pay since others have. (Of course, in the beginning they put some notes of own, as 'initial investment'.) Emotional blackmail, ego tickling/hurting & begging shamelessly are the tricks used to force tips out. Hypocritic/morally weak passengers fall prey. It's good to help servers/needy financially if one can afford. So; let's do it discreetly & discourage fake ones. more  
Why to pay additional Service charges and Tips when the prices are so high!! The bad habit of paying Tips is formed by the people only. Tips in Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duranto is formed since the inception of these luxury Trains!! The waiters get angry , if you don`t pay tips. Tips at Tourist Hotels and even in Dhaba is a regular practice. The people pay just to show kindness but they are encouraging a wrong practice! In almost all cities , the Taxiwalla, Auto walla charge extra in the form of Service where the fare is more than sufficient. In my society at Thane , the car washing boys demand one month salary extra as Bonus although they remain absent atleast 4 to 5 days apart from weekly Off and Bank Holidays. The whole thing is that , it has become a practice to earn more money with less efforts !! The people are responsible more  
Tips and compulsory Service charges are different. Tips are given for service delight. It goes directly to teh person who serves you. However, service charges are clandestine methods of charging over and above the cost of the published price of food. A restaurant is supposed to have included teh cost of service in its charges. There is no basis for an additional charge and it must be stopped through legislation. more  
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