Reservation system in India

Yes, the time has come to seriously discuss the issue of Reservation system in India. This is needed because:
1. How can an entire community claim for reservation when a majority of them are rich.
2. How can those communities, even after enjoying 68 years of reservation remain poor, demanding reservation even for pissing in the toilets?
3. How can a cast become eligible for various type of concessions on the basis of minorities?
4. When large number of people in majority community need support for the education of their children, employment etc. why reservation should be extended to those affluent people falling in the reserved community/minority?
If a strong decision, beyond vote bank politics, is not taken now, the country is going to doom because, in the democratic process, the opposition, simply to tarnish the image and credibility of the ruling, will create all type of unrest amongst the communities just to gain mileage in their political run. Mr. Modi, who is in power with absolute majority, must think of removing the cast/community based reservation and implement need based reservation, once he gains support in the Rajyasabha. The Gujrat issue must be an eye opener to our politicians. more  

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The problem in our country is that those corrupts with influence and money/muscle power never get punished. Even if the President of India is found to be corrupt, there must be provision to book him under law and give appropriate punishment for the misdeed. What I mean is, when a top official gets punished, those down in line will behave properly. Unless and until we go for such system, corruption can never be eliminated in this country. more  
Dear Sanjayji, The only people in India who file correct Income Tax Return are salaried class. No politician/businessman/industrialist ever files correct Income Tax Return. There are people with good income who don't file Income Tax Return at all. These people will be forced to file an Income Tax Return. A Return once filed can be cross checked any time. Education up to school level should be made free. But all States are not doing it. Number scholarships should be increased. But this will be only for students with merit. But what of students without much merit and coming from low income groups? They too should be given an opportunity to study. But nothing will change and the present reservation will continue as it has good political patronage. more  
Under report , under estimates , under assessments , under considerations and , benefit of doubts all will be there forever. The correct way of addressing reservations was discussed at length by the Supreme Court and , even finally advised the then Central Government to workout the Creamy layer to assess and apply the Economic differences for a full report in 1990s itself . A commission headed by a Justice then itself surveyed and CONCLUDED AND PRESENTED THE REPORT ON RESERVATIONS , RELAXATIONS , CONCESSIONS , AND SUBSIDIES ON CREAMY LAYER TO THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT . IT HAS BEEN KEPT PENDING BY THE CROWNED CONGRESS JUST LIKE THE " OROP " AND , NOW , THE BJP LEAD CENTER HAS TO SUBMIT THAT REPORT TO SUPREME COURT OR, ONCE AGAIN SURVEY AND REPORT BOTH TO ADDRESS THE FIT . So, kindly think this subject also just like the " OROP " importance and help for the prompt , correct and the real address from the SUPREME COURT ALONE at-lest . more  
Mr. Alambath, don't you think, this way people will under report their income to get the benefit of reservations!! a result, I am afraid even people who are filling accurate income, and paying taxes now, may get tempted to cheat!!....Now, since the right to education is there, and all children upto 14/16 having the right to education, and the opportunity to excel!...And, lot of scholarship options on merit basis to deserving students for higher studies!...don't you think even reservations on economic criteria is not required!....this way people will continue to remain dependent on the system!!! more  
Reservation on basis of caste to be abolished and reservation on the basis of income to be introduced. Every individual should have a PAN card. Even non taxable income group should file nil return. Income tax return should be filed along with asset and liability statement also. This should be the criterion of income and total assets held by him. Nowadays non taxable income group of citizens can get an income certificate from village officer by bribing. This system should stop. Reservation should be on the basis of the Income Tax Return and Asset and Liability Statement filed by him. more  
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