Reducing Railways Cost of Energy - Addl Inputs

Dear all:

Many of you responded on our request for ideas on How Railways can reduce cost of energy. Below are some of the key inputs as suggested by you,

Kindly review them and if we missed something critical or you have more specific ideas, please add to this by posting as a comment.

We will soon be putting the whitepaper to Senior Railways Leadership for consideration and actions.

Ministry of Railways


Reducing Cost of Energy for Railways

1. Solar panels should be installed in stations and on the train roofs
2. Wind turbines could be used to generate electricity for trains
3. The idle running time of the trains should be minimised
4. Dedicated freight corridors should be made so that freight trains don’t waste fuel
5. Upgrade the old locomotives with the new, energy efficient ones
6. The lights inside the trains should be switched off during day time
7. Batteries should be installed in trains which could get charged by the kinetic energy of the moving train
8. Standard interlocking work needs to be a priority to avoid stopping of trains at stations for crossing
9. Existing lighting on stations as well as platforms should be changed to LED tights
10. On routes which are already electrified, diesel engines should be avoided
11. More efficient electric engines should be developed more  

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India receives 5,000 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year solar energy, what a lucky country! even with the cheapest 10% efficiency solar panels and only 0.01% of area covered with solar panels India can over produce electricity.
Why we still import $150billion/year of oil, have trade deficit, pollute our country and add to global warming? Can we be number 1 in any field? Can we go 80% solar? Can we produce solar cells in India? Sure we can, if we want to.
I see rich/middle-class people turning on lights during day time, A/C in winter time and cry about energy problem.
It is not the country that has problem, it is the people and their minds. We are not third-world, it is our mind and attitude. We need to change.
Check the development in solar cells, especially thin-film technology, Perovskite Solar Cells, energy storage devices etc. Why don't we collaborate with these companies and research institutes and solve the problem once for all?

Perovskite Solar Cells
Ocean wave power
New energy storage technology more  
.solar Power is the most needful thought of the day By this time ministry might taken enough initiate to exploit the compartment tops exposed to sunlight widely available through the lakh kms of Railroad around India. Technology I hope will not a issue with the Indian designers if not articulated more  
solar power can also be used for air conditioner.When the need for a/c is more due to strong sunshine ,solar power output also will be more and will be able to handle the extra power required to run the a/c. more  
very useful suggestion by Ratan Poddar. Even in diesel pulled trains the generated solar power can be used for fan and lighting more  
The energy saving should be responsibility of every person involved with railway. Selecting right machines and energy saving equipment. Station masters to ensure saving of electricity , water etc by ensuring unused or not needed lights etc are switched off. Other station staff should do same. The train drivers etc should also help wit this. Government should monitor electricity use of every train, station. They can make charts to see where the energy saving is successful and find reasons and apply same methods in other places.Public should also be educated to switch off on station and also in the train. Using automation in places to switch off automatically, using solar power where ever possible. Stop electricity thieves. more  
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