Reducing Railways Cost - Addl Inputs

1.Make more trains run in sectors which are electrified and make the signalling system more efficient and prompt so that idling of the trains and breaking is avoided as much as possible this will also make the trains to run on right time and stop the fuel / electricity wastage per use /run.
2. Ensure that all the wait listed tickets are confirmed , not confirming the wait-listed ticket is a net loss to the railways and also loss of business. Attach bogies , delete bogies and make the train run as per the traffic / passenger density and hence make efforts to optimize the cost per train trip .
This can be done by just yielding to the demand .
3. Use light weight train bogies .
4.Construct more ware houses at Railway platforms for perishable and non-perishable goods and make dynamic arrangement's for its transportation .
5. Use more efficient and low noise fans and make the use of a draft arrangements so that the fresh air circulation is more natural rather than the use of fans and windows .
6. Make the windows of glass or scratch proof transparent plastics closed so that the throwing out of the garbage and paper and plastic is avoided .
7. The police and TC should regulate the cleanness of the train during their visit and question the passengers for the litter , discarding of singh-dana skin in compartment . The identified passengers should be fined for this as the passenger can be easily identified by the fellow passengers .
8.Solar panels should be installed in stations and on the train roofs
9.Wind turbines could be used to generate electricity for trains
10.The idle running time of the trains should be minimised
11.Dedicated freight corridors should be made so that freight trains don’t waste fuel
12.Upgrade the old locomotives with the new, energy efficient ones
13.The lights inside the trains should be switched off during day time
14.Batteries should be installed in trains which could get charged by the kinetic energy of the moving train
15.Standard interlocking work needs to be a priority to avoid stopping of trains at stations for crossing
16.Existing lighting on stations as well as platforms should be changed to LED tights
17.On routes which are already electrified, diesel engines should be avoided .
18. Make arrangements to use current tickets , Hand held ticketing Machines should be used inside the train for issue of tickets and excess fare tickets . ( This systems in now prevailing in the GSTRTC buses in Gujarat for travel and is working very fine ) 19. The name of the TC/ TE should be displayed with the contact number / ID NOS IN THE TRAIN FOR ANY COMPLAINT . Complaint book should be available on demand --- This is mostly avoided and a fixed location should be given .
20. Use more automation to clean and maintain the train and give grade to the overall train for passengers to have a choice . more  

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Increase the cost of tickets to bring the Railway into break even and stop unnecessary loss by proper inventory of the assets. more  
To cut the cost of operation: 1 A detailed work study of man power by a competent external agency. 2 Review operation of Workshops to induct greater efficiency and reduction of cost 3 A detailed Energy audit by a competent third party 4 A review of loss making sectors for passenger trains 5 Consider exhaustive training of staff to raise the level of their efficiency more  
Survival of citizens and honest public servants has become difficult Govt including Railways is hijacked by the Mafia gang of Corrupt Public Servants.. Only Don is changed earlier it was Sonia and now Don is Mr. Modi.. more  
Additional coaches means increasing the length the platforms too. This will incur additional expenses. Of course, the other efficiency measures would definitely reduce the maintenance cost. But this reduction in the operational cost - will it be passed on to the passengers by way of reduction in the cost of tickets to different classes. The railways are under the impression that the passengers booking in AC coaches are of the higher class. But this is need based, they must understand. One solid fact: The Indian Railways are the major employers in our country, roughly around 4 Lac employees, who are availing free travel even after their retirement, as per their grade. For example: Let's take at least 4 persons in a family. Then the 4 Lac employees' family ;will be 16 Lac FREE travellers. Why not the Railways think of a maximum of 25% discount on ALL classes for these employees and their families? Whereas this LOSS/BURDEN is being borne by the genuine passengers who pay for their seat. Besides, there shall not be any preferential treatment for the employees/their families while travelling. They must also book their ticket in the normal way just like any other common passenger. If the above system is noted, then there would be drastic savings in the travel/ticketing too which can definitely be passed on to the passengers. I can cite several instances in this regard. more  
Wait listing can only be controlled by adding additional coaches. However, the main bottlenecks are: (a) There is a serious scarcity of standby coaches (b) Nowadays express trains run with 20/22/24 coaches ... there is literally no room for further increasing the lengths of trains ... otherwise lengths of all the railway platforms should also be suitably increased more  
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