Rate/Improve Water Supply in your area

Water Supply is critical for ongoing sustainment and use of toilets. As Swachh Bharat completes 5 years, we all know those millions of toilets can only be functional if there is water available. We therefore would like to request you to use the link below and rate Water Supply in your area.

Rate Water Supply in your area

Below are some of the issues and root causes as identified by you in regards to Water Supply. If you have inputs on any specific solutions that the municipal bodies can implement to improve water supply, please share as a comment.

State of Water Supply - Root Causes
1.Water supply has not been planned properly in most cities and neighborhoods
2.Water pipes and sewage pipes overlap each other
3.The number of water treatment plants is not enough
4.Water treatment plants are technologically very old
5.Water pipelines are very old and weathered out
6.Leakage identification takes a long time
7.Most of the people do not understand the need of water management
8.Corrupt officials let the bore-wells get dug without official approval
9.Too much water is being pumped out of the ground by residents
10. Unauthorised water connections in slum areas leads to drop in water pressure in other areas
11.Most of our water distribution networks in urban areas are not available in a digital format, hence it is very difficult to keep track and do maintenance of these systems
12.Lack of long term plans or laxity in implementation of plans for augmenting water sources and pipe lines
13.Inefficient, poor maintenance network
14. Slow induction of latest technology

Water Supply – Key Issues

1.Water supply is erratic
2.Water supply becomes even worse in summers
3.Water is dirty and non-drinkable
4.This non-drinkable water causes a lot of water borne diseases
5.Pipelines are broken
6.A lot of water is wasted due to the leakage in the pipelines
7.Public water system has no control, water wastage due to taps left open for hours together
8.Sewer water gets mixed up with drinking water
9.Most Water bills are very high
10.Corruption at water boards to get new connections
11.Bore-wells being dug without any approval
12.Ground water levels are depleting and pumps are not able to fetch water
13.Many areas do not have any piped water supply
14. No water available in public toilets more  

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Justified points are noted. Please pursue with government. more  
Water supply system is an end part of water management plan. Our basic concept of water management itself is very faulty ; in fact very unplanned and unscientific. that aspect attended , improved and implemented would automatically give rise to a very much fool proof, hygienic and assured water for drinking, irrigation and industrial use. Now please think and recall the times when tapping the aquifer (the subterranean water source) were not heard of and were not done . The earliest use of under ground water was the 'hand pumps' for which hand boring was permitted only up to the depth of about 7 meters . That is the pressure in terms of water column exerted by our atmosphere. In dry seasons when the sub soil depth went lower than 7 meters the hand pump could not operate. Human greed led us to put electric motors or engines to suck out water and pump it to higher levels, then the depth of boring was increased to suck out water from deeper levels. The greed did not end there and we started increasing the diameter of the bore and invented submersible multi stage centrifugal electric driven pumps to pump out naturally filtered spring like water for all our human use. No one gave a thought to the natural system of water distribution not only for us earth surface living creatures but the green cover provided by forests , the animals and birds which depended upon natural springs and lakes for their water needs. Consequently the forests started dying and the animals started exploring human habitat for food and water. We the human beings ought to restrict our selves only to surface water provided to us by rivers, glaciers, rainfall and oceans. We should device means and methods to store, conserve and divert excess surface water at one place to that of drought affected places. Floods should be managed and utilised to fill our natural and artificially created reservoirs; use of canals and lift irrigation should be resorted to; sea water desalinated and used and methods evolved to recharge our soil so that the sub soil water levels is maintained at 7 meters. more  
no supply whatsoever since last 20 years more  
Water supply in not at all adequate in our area. Water is supplied for 3 and half hours a day. Where as my relative stays at Triveni in Hoogly where they get water for 12 hours a day. So supply needs to be improved and to be provided for at least 8 hours a day. more  
All the points 14+14 are valid.In addition to this the local municipality allows construction of illegal construction activities in the city for which potable water is used and such constructions use electrical motor to draw more quantity,which disturbs the balance of water pressure and some buildings doesnot get proper water pressure on ground floor also.For slum areas the supply is 24hourswhich is normally mis used by the locals. more  
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