Railways should show this to all TCs/Guards

So molestation and harassment cN be handled on the spot. Most of our TC and guards turn a blind eye towards women harassment in Indian railways.

If even one case of harassment is happening against women in a train the railway minister should be answerable in court. Only then they will get brave guards and TCs who keep unruly passengers in check. more  

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Do you think the passengers should become vigilantes. They should exert inappropriate force if required. They become the law. You are inviting chaos. Let the people who are entrusted with the job do it. Be it TC or the Railway police or the minister! Passengers should record statements confirming the incident. more  
TTE, Police or Railways staff posted in Rail coaches is on duty regularly in shifts. Often they know the antisocial/criminal elements travelling in the trains . lf any staff member dare to intervene/ or take a note of the activities of goons he becomes target of the goon, who operate or indulged in criminal activities in his own area of influence, and may attack the staff in his next duty period. To stop such incidents/criminal activities TTE may take a note of the incident and immediately report to the guard, who in turn alert the Police team on duty in the train and the railway police post of the next station. If the matter is serious he may stop the train at an appropriate point where from the culprits may not have a chance to run away. If a few such cases could be effectively tackled and given full publicity in local press, especially in the neighbouring area of the incident, it may deter the criminals from indulging in their ugly activities. Travelling passengers avoid to intervene lest their travelling plans may go haywire more  
Should Railway Minister has to be present at the court for such cases, then he will do only that. If the TC/guard is not present at the incident spot, what should be the way out. So to minimise such violations, every compartment must be guarded by a security who must patrol the entire compartment regularly. He must ensure that no outsider enter reserved compartments. more  
Why you are accusing the TCs alone? Would not the reaction and direct action of the co-passengers be enough to effectively handle such a situation? In a train of 20-24 coaches, at the most half a dozen TCs are deployed with their only weapon of the passengers' lists and you expect them to handle such situations. On the contrary, usually, 50 to 80 passengers travel in every coach. Would not it be easy for them to handle such an unfortunate incident effectively ? But unfortunately, what we see is that the passengers in such emergent situation become unconcerned and remain cool with closed eyes, which encourage the miscreants and anti-socials. Blaming the railways and its staff/minister won't serve any purpose. more  
A TC/Guard/Policeman venturing to control male harassment of women ANYWHERE is literally afraid of getting butchered himself by the males involved in that harassment; hence turning eyes the other way is an easy solution. All these so-called custodians of law and order are mostly corrupt and corruptible. They have no backbone and are easily fleeced with a coin, as they say. Unless they are trained as non-corruptible officers and given the authority which is applied on the harassing public with proper rules and with conviction, things are not likely to change. People have become immune to "fines" being levied on them from time to time. Consistency is what is required. more  
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