Railways greets HNY by increasing fares

Attached are the details friends. Get prepared to pay more, at a time when for most of us earnings are under pressure. Reason given is 7th pay commission.

Someone ask them when do you not get rid of the bunglow peon Railway officers and the 2-6 support staff sitting mostly idle behind each senior officer.

This is the most poorly managed enterprise of India and we get to bear the burden rather than cost cutting internally.

Also reminder to each one. We pay for 135 years of salary for each railway employee. more  

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High level of corruption, jugglery in ticketing system, mismanagement, no accountability, fleecing railway contractors and many more. The best solution for all these should be to TOTALLY PRIVATISE THE RAILWAYS for better accountability, improvement in services, lesser operating cost, concessions/welfare to senior citizens & retired persons without discrimination on gender. more  
Increasing fare was long and most crucial pending agenda of CAG committee, once again railway is failed to delivered to expectations of common man and is only concentrating their old one formula which is to earn revenue by increasing fare which is completely unacceptable. There is no up gradation in tracks, coaches, platforms, tatkal ticket confirmation on busy routes etc. Why railway is not implementing policies on deducting salaries and termination of employee when he/she is under performing or involved in corruption or involved in carelessness during duty hours which has costed the rail accidents? Why railway is not implementing scrap policy? more  
It appears that the govt. is not concerned about the increase in cost of living. they are more interested about increasing the money in the pockets of those paying taxes and earning salaries. IT MAY be noted that no body pays from their pockets but from the extra money they get or collect. example 1 Exorbitant increase in the cost of milk. 2. Exorbitant increase in the cost of all the vegetables 3. Exorbitant increase in the cost of Bakery products 4. Increasing cost of medical care These are only the few examples. You look any where , the situation os same. What happens with the retired persons ? Their income is reducing due to reducing interest rates . Should the retired persons commit suicide or the don't have any right to live a decent life. I feel the govt. is heading for inflation beyond control unless, strict measures are taken to control price rise. soon it may be time to devalue rupee again. There would always be some people to justify price rise to any level. In that case, I suggest to increase the fares to the level of flight so that only who are in dire need to travel will travel by train. I hope , those in power will understand that in effect they are quickly devaluing the rupee and will gain nothing in long run more  
After how many years, this peanut increase in fare? How much increase has taken place in our salary during that interval? more  
Increase in passenger fares is justified. But I request Railway authorities to be responsive to passengers' complaints. I have the following suggestions for Railways / IRCTC: 1. Online Complaints Railways should provide mobile number for online complaints by passengers. The mobile number may be displayed above the wash basin (outside toilets) on both ends of each coach. Passenger should be given option to make online complaint during their journey. As soon as the passenger dials the mobile number, the system should provide the format for filling information such as PNR, complaint description; date and time should be picked up by the system. An acknowledgement no. must be provided on mobile of the passenger..... Alternately, Railways should provide an App for making online complaint. The App name must be provided on the ticket for downloading it..... 2. Railways Berth Selection "after the selection of berths type, the booking system should check for available of berths for required conditions. If the conditions are met and berths are available, only then the system should ask for payment and complete the booking process. If the conditions are NOT met, then system should display message "berths under required conditions not available (also, display what berths are available) . Then give options (a) replan your booking, and system should go to beginning, (b) Book ignoring the condition. The User can choose any one option and system should proceed accordingly......." more  
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