Railway Needs to improve...

I think Railway must try to improve the following things as soon as possible:
1. Train Delay control. at present train means 2-3hrs late is common.
2. Announcement system must announce platform number and train coming on that prior / before train placed on the station.
3. people used to give 100-200 rupees to TTE and sit in the reservation coach, it should be controlled by applying some suitable step.
4. There should be welcome message like "Welcome at New Delhi" at platform, because in train it is difficult to know which station it is from the coach. sometime when we see from the window the station name appear, but not always.
5. RO water facility is good at station, but need to increase the number of booth.
6. At station like anand vihar, new delhi, there are rope is tied in the station, which occupy the space and creating difficulty for passengers. more  

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Yes, rightly said that tickets must be checked before boarding the train so that WL passengers can be accommodated in case of vacant seats/berths especially at the starting point. Again there has to a rule that passengers must board the train at the starting point latest by 30 minutes before the departure of the train.
RAC system must be removed as it is inhuman treatment meted to the passengers by collecting full fare and sharing the seats. Unfair trade practice but passengers silently accept. Further, no bed roll is given to the RAC passengers as they are allowed to travel by sitting. So, in the process, railways after collecting full fares from 3 passengers, asking them to share the seats which is against natural justice.
Strictly not to allow the daily or season ticket holders to travel in reserved coaches of the long distance trains between stations which happens throughout the journey thus inconveniencing the passengers.
Squad checking must be in place to eliminate corruption at the hands of TTEs.
One RPF personnel must be there for each compartment to ensure safety and security of the passengers.
Similarly one TTE per compartment must be employed
Ensure clean and tidy toilets at every compartments
Similarly clean toilets at every platforms. Invariably toilets are available only at Platform No. 1 only and that too in shabby conditions.
Free movement of cattles noticed at many stations which needs to be addressed.
Fencing must be done atleast for 1 Km at both sides of the stations to refrain unauthorised persons entering into platforms.
Similarly checking must be done at the entrance to allow only authorised passengers to get into the platform.
Effective utilisation of railway lands to generate more revenue.
By above process. growth in employment can be noticed.
Performing staff to be retained as lethargic attitude noticed in the existing staff. more  
Good suggestion to implement by railway more  
Except for Passenger trains which are mostly used by rural poor people for short distances, the fare of all other trains should be increased by Rs. 0.1 or 10paise per Km. and that would generate enough funds to deploy TTE for each reservation compartment. We MUST learn that nothing is free - if you want convenience you have to pay a matching price. Also imagine the employment generated. Comparison by Shri Shailendra Kumar (experienced ) of total outgo per TTE and Air hostess is interesting. However there is no doubt that over security of jobs of Public Servants (including Executives) tends to make them casual in their approach to their jobs unless their personal interest is involved. I agree with Shri Shailendra Kumar (experienced ) in that over security of job must be eliminated. The discipline enforcement should be much stricter and rules for severe punishment including termination should be available for implementation.
RYK. more  
Mr Shailendra Kumar has given a lot of good suggestions. Hope Railways will look into these suggestions. In all Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Duranto and super fast trains must have automatic door closing facility like metro trains...... more  
It is a matter of big big SHAME for Indian Railways, and bloody Indians too, that even after completion of 7 decades of national independence, people are talking about improvements in workings of Railways. Don't you have any brains or IQ of your own? This is India whose majority of the population is totally irresponsible, greedy, self-centered, want everything, if possible, free of all costs, have destructive mentality, generously indulge in vandalism of public property, they firmly believe that robbing public property (any item from any train) is their bloody constitutional right (and then defend themselves by styling themselves as OBC/SC/ST, etc., etc., etc.), they are filthy, disorganized and completely unhygienic when train travelling, PAN spitting is rampant amongst these lawless Indian train travellers. Well, the list is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. THE TOP IT ALL IS SOMETHING FOR WHICH INDIA IS NOTORIOUS THE WORLD OVER AND UNBEATABLE. YES, IT IS CORRUPTION. Indian Railways is not meant for decent human beings. It is meant purely for cattle class people whose life value is A big big ZERO. Hence, no improvement possible even for next couple of centuries. Till then, keep suffering. You deserve it. You all called for it. You voted for its Minister. You voted for its Government. You allowed them to exploit you. more  
It is true that the 'illiterate' people, and I include the educated class also, have no civic sense. But which minister and which govt. are you referring to. In the last four years there has been considerable improvement in cleanliness on platforms and trains, though a lot more needs to be done. Do consider that we transport the highest number of passengers in the world and that too the 'cattle class' people as you call them. Travel is highly subsidized and previous govt. refrained from increasing fares due to political considerations. Remember Trivedi of TMC was asked to step down by Mamata because he suggested a minor fare increase! Railways have been used to dole out jobs by the ministers in the previous governments. more  
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