Railway Abbreviations to keep handy when traveling

AC: Air-conditioned

ACC: Air-conditioned coach or class

ACCC: Air-conditioned chair car

ACP: Alarm chain pulling

CC: Chair car

Cant., Cantt: Cantonment (in station names)

EC or ECC: Executive chair car

ECR: Empty coaching rake

EFC: Eastern freight corridor

EQ: Emergency quota

ESCAP: Economic and social commission for Asia and Pacific

ESM: Electronic signal maintainer

ETA: Estimated time of arrival

Exp.: Express

EY: Empty rake (on train monitoring systems)

F: Forward journey (in train number annotations)

FC: First class, also financial commissioner, also freight corridor

FEDL: Fully electrified double line

FOB: Foot overbridge (a pedestrian overpass)

FOIS: Freight operation information system

FRED: Flashing rear end device (a warning lamp at the rear of a train)

FT: Foreign tourist (annotation on reservation charts)

JOH: Junction of head - point where the tongue rail approaches the main rail in a switch

Jn.: Junction (in station names)

LB: Lower Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)

LC: Level Crossing

LQ: Ladies Quota

MB: Middle berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)

MCO: Military control office (coordinates ticketing and accommodation for military personnel at some railway stations)

Mxd.: Mixed (in train names)

M/E: Mail/express (on tickets)

M/L: Main line

NTES: National train enquiry system (phone-based train/reservation status)

NV: Non-vegetarian (meal or restaurant)

PCV: Passenger coaching vehicle

Pass., Pgr.: Passenger (train)

PF: Platform (sometimes P/F)

PH: Parliamentary quota

PNR: Passenger name record (Passenger numeric record)

PQ: Pooled quota

PQWL: Pooled quota waiting list

PRS: Passenger reservation system

PS: Passenger service (in indicating kinds of bookings available at ticket agency)

PWI: Permanent way inspector

R: Return journey (in train number annotations)

RA: Running allowance (in calculating drivers' pay)

Raj: Rajdhani Express

Rd.: Road (in station names)

RAC: Reservation against cancellation

RCC: Railway convention committee

R Fee, Res Fee: Reservation fee (annotation on ticket)

RJQ: Return journey quota

RLWL: Running line waiting list

RMS: Railway mail service

ROB: Road over-bridge (i.e., road goes over train tracks)

RPF: Railway pension fund (also see above, organizations)

RR: Railway receipt, refreshment room

RRF: Railway reserve fund

RTR: Ready-to-run (modelling kits)

RTSA: Rail travellers' service agents

SCRA: Special class railway apprentice

Sh. CC: Shatabdi chair car

SLB: Side lower berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)

SM: Station master

TDR: Ticket Deposit Receipt (when surrendering ticket for cancellation / refund)

TQ: Tatkal quota

UB: Upper Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)

V: Vegetarian (meal or restaurant)

V Ch, Vou Ch: Voucher charges (annotation on ticket)

VG: Vegetarian (meal or restaurant), also Vehicle guidance (the record of identifying numbers for coaches/wagons that make up a train)

VLRR: Vegetarian light refreshment room

WL, W/L: Waiting list; Wait-listed (ticket issued without confirmed accommodations)

WM: Works manager

W/T: Without ticket

2T: Two-tier (as in "AC-2T" = airconditioned two-tier coach)

3T: Three-tier more  

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Regular travellers are aware of the required information. What is the necessity of carrying a big list of such information is not enumerated in the post, which appears to be an exercise of sharing knowledge! more  
Lots of thanks.

On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 10:42 AM Ajay Kumar <support@localcirclesmail.com>

> more  
Can any tell what are this Abbreviations
2) IMMS more  
Mr. Tiru narayanan , I dont have any clue for IWMAT . You will have to unfold . Any way there are more , may not be useful for all ; just accademic interest . more  
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