Raids on Media Houses

Today Dainik Bhaskar and Bharat Samachar tv channel have been raided by Income Tax authorities.

I am most curious to know the following:
Did the Dainik Bhaskar and Bharat Samachar already have an existing income tax enquiry on and they were anti-Government or are these fresh allegations because they were questioning the Government too much.

Can we also discuss which media houses can be trusted with objective news these days. We have 70% right, 20% left and 10% in this category probably. Which papers, tv channels, websites do you trust? more  

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Corruption in Media Industry - Addl Inputs
Below are the key issues, root causes, and solutions as identified by you on the subject of Corruption in Media. We will soon be compiling a whitepaper on the subject to be shared with the relevant stakeholders who can help make Media industry more transparent and accountable. If you have any additional inputs, please share. Transparency International India Corruption in Media - Solutions 1. The I&B Ministry should bring in stricter laws for Code of Conducts & Ethics and ensure their implementation strictly 2. A standard ‘code of conduct’ should be established and the media houses should be asked to follow it 3. Paid news should be brought under strict scrutiny 4. Media houses should be neutral and should not favour any political party 5. Offering cash/gifts to journalists to get coverage should be made a punishable act under law 6. Lobbying by media personalities should not be encouraged 7. The working of PR companies should be bought under the scanner 8. Politicians and businessmen should not be allowed to hold a majority stake in media companies 9. The ownership details of media houses should be made public 10. Media house should also be asked to publish quarterly audited results just like other companies 11. No Government Ads should be given to the law breakers followed by heavy financial penalty 12. Repeat offenders should be penalized and their licenses should be cancelled. Corruption in Media Industry - Root Causes 1. Most media houses are profits driven 2. Many journalists want to make quick money on the side 3. Honest journalist succumb to the pressure from their management 4. PR companies charge a huge amount from a client and pass on a small token to the journalists for favours/coverage 5. All PR firms want their news to be picked up first 6. News channels have a huge following and can make or break a company’s reputation 7. News channel bosses also have the power to show or not show news. They hence accept ‘off the record’ favours from clients 8. Most media houses/news channels have politicians and industrialists as investors 9. Media personalities misuse their reach lobby for their own personal gain 10. There is an absence of ethics, code of conduct and standard practices for media 11. Media houses try to formulate their own rules and regulations to maximize revenues with minimum effort 12. Commercial interests most times push unbiased editorial on the side for revenue gains and end up compromising on content. Corruption in Media Industry - Key Issues 1. Most PR companies give gifts to most journalists or pay them for the coverage of their clients 2. Media takes stands with political parties as they want to benefit from the same 3. News channels are paid not to cover and report certain items 4. Journalists blackmail businesses/individuals and demand money on the pretext of publishing negative news about them 5. Some news channel bosses accept Land, Flat, Approvals in exchange of news stories (published or blocked) etc. 6. Some news channels play the role of political party agents to bombard viewers with stories designed to help the party 7. Many media personalities lobby for politicians and businessmen 8. Some times media houses collude to keep the Government in check 9. Most time good social initiatives do not get coverage from media as they are busy covering paid news 10. In many regional news papers, by paying one can get any page/any column desired for article/news.
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Media Houses are expected to be impartial, but in the present day it is not being followed. Most the them are anti-BJP and pro-congress. more  
Well media does have bias and takes sides ;may be gets paid some times. Like a 2 party system, the media also is functioning the same way. Left, Right and Negligible Middle. Left supporting Media & the print as well as TV haven't reduced their news or discussion which mostly ends criticising the Government . THAT IS NOTHING NEW. WHICH EVER GOVERNMENT RULES IT IS CRITICISED. ONLY THEN THE BEST POLICIES COME OUT AND PUT TO PRACTICE BY THE RULING PARTY. more  
This media house Bhaskar is particularly anti India like NDTV. They are funded by anti national forces against BJP's theory of NATIONALISM. We have no Sympathy with these forces. more  
Almost all media are corrupt and prejudiced, more than police, palikes (nagar palikes) and politicians. more  
True. No Responsible Accountability. SC to revisit their Judgements of 1984, 1985 , 1994 more  
All these media houses are supported by criminals and most news are for their favours. A lot of foriegn funds received by those media houses as owners are anti indians. more  
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