Pune Smart City

Pune is Smart City.

It provides Water 24/7 on the Road throughout the year, Mosquitoes have also to breed.

Double Concrete Benches are being constructed, where there are 2 Bus Stops at a point, which have 15 and 9 places for public to sit, these are 3rd and 4th, 1st got demolished when 2nd came up and 2nd went 4th came. After sometime, metal thief’s will take away iron by demolishing these benches.

You can find Pan, Vimal, Gopal 132 advertised by Actors Devgun, Randhir Kapoor, shops on Roads, empty plastic Vimals are scattered allover. Maharashtra govt. wants to ban plastic water bottles, which are picked by Rag pickers, but it will not ban throw away small plastics which contain Pan masala, Supari, Gutka, etc. These give money to Actors.

Roads and Footpaths are available to hawkers where one can find any item. Public will have to pay Taxes if they go to hotels for eating Drinking.

Pune is container free so as public does not have to walk to put garbage there, whole road is there for public to Litter. There are fines for Littering, Spitting, Urinating. Rarely anyone is ever fined.

PMC is increasing Property Taxes by 15% and public is asked to pay RS.50 per month for garbage collection from households. It does not ask households and societies to make compost out of Kitchen Waste, we have been doing it for years. For whole year it becomes 2-3 cu ft. Which is used for gardening.

Guardian minister takes Municipal Commissioners for Study Trip to London, which anyone can find about any City on Google. How else to utilize funds allocated for Smart City. Has he ever gone around City to see if it is clean and Roads, Footpaths are free of encroachments?

Smart City is too far, 1st it needs to be Swachh and Traffic rules need to be enforced.

Roads will be for Moving vehicles and not for Parking.

Footpaths for Pedestrians, not for Hawkers.

There need to be Garbage Bins at convenient places.

For Parking there need to be Parking Lots.

For Hawkers, there have to be Hawking centers.

These will generate revenue for PMC.

On Airport Road from 509 along Jail Wall there is No Footpath, a 3’ wide Tree Divider is there which Pedestrians cannot use. There is No Drainage, so when Rains comes or there is Leakage from water Valves water remains on the Road. There is Urinal which none can use as it stinks because there is no provision for water to maintain it clean, so public Urinates on Road.

Why money is being wasted in construction of Concrete Benches at Bus stops, where already there are sitting places for 24? more  

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I urge everyone to read Mr. Mada Handa's article, with 'Nagpur' to be substituted in place of 'Pune'. more  
As per the location and as per the gentry of place Civic bodys should take decision of providing concrete or steel benches. In Bangalore and Delhi I hv seen stainless steel benches at many a places and nobody removes. If people are literate and takes care of the things you can provide anything. But at notorious places one has to be careful. Basic sense of discipline have to come to people who throw the kachra on roads or streets. Anybody who looks someone throwing such items must object, Nobody raise objections and are mook spectator. Time has come when awareness has to come. We can not be totally dependent on Government and civic bodys for the same. more  
Dear Members, Madan Handa ji is presenting a critical analysis/description of real happenings. We may take it as feedback or criticism, that is our choice. Ultimate need is we should look at improvising the situation wherever necessary and essential. more  
The concern of Shri Madan Handa is highly appreciated. Yes. It is common practice in the Government departments to draw short term plans to exhaust Funds allotted to each department to be spent with a financial year. There is complete lack of concern for common man. A Smart City will take shape only if our administrators are concerned about our daily issues. more  
Friends we are nation without ethical values, Lack of Civic sense, worst tax compliant and least cooperative society - You name a bad thing we possess it. We were happy all through and been living in such a situation. Our leaders helped us to perpetuate. Reasons best known today we are seeing our own face in mirror and shouting loud about it. No one starts repairing the society. We do not know where to start. We are in dark. Make a begining with your own colony. Gather few people of similar thoughts and try. We need to repair the basic thinking and bring in positive attitude. We complain about every thing. How much is our contribution to the common evil is an introspection that is needed. I do not have any ready made solution but feel that the common man is opening his eyes and seeing the happenings and hope some good happens. Till then start doing one good thing in your own way. Wish you all Happy republic day 2018. more  
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