Passengers with RAC tickets face a lot of difficulties when berths are not provided for --- two passengers have to share a single berth without any bed sheet or rug or pillow . The problem become serious when one berth is allotted to one male and one female, or when senior citizens have to share a single berth. It also become the cause of disturbance of passengers having confirmed tickets; for, the the space available for keeping luggage also have to share by seven person in stead of six persons. Issue of tickets under RAC should be restricted to such a number which can provide berths to all the RAC ticket holders.

There should be a team who will frequently check the quality of food supplied in Duranto / Satabdi Express. I have the experience to taste the food at Howrah-Bangalore Duranto express ; the quality of food were really under graded.

There should be a Smoking Zone in trains so that the smokers do not smoke in the toilets. more  

Alternatively, higher penalty with strict observance should be introduced. more  
Yes --- it is an offence --- yet smokers smoke in the toilet of the trains while they do not smoke in the open area viz. in the platforms . more  
Smoking on board trains is already a crime. And even on the platforms. more  
It is veritable true that smoking should be discouraged for obvious reasons. But I have noticed in several occasions that people smoke in the toilet which caused a discomfort to the non-smokers. It becomes always not possible to identify those smokers. Smoking Zone can give relief to the non-smokers. more  
Smoking is injurious to health, not only to the smokers, but also to others. No smoking zones please. Let us discourage smokers, in their interest and in others interest. We have to lead a disciplined life without falling prey to smoking and drinking etc. more  
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