Profiteering by Bharat Biotech

The Government right under its nose is enabling Bharat Biotech to profiteer in the child vaccination program.

If the selling price by Bharat Biotech to Government is 225 why is it selling tom private hospitals for a bomb and these private hospitals putting camps in schools are charging 1410 from parents.

Either lower the price to 225 plus some admin charges by hospital so parents get for 400-500 or simple just dont make it available via this channel.

Let local authorities only organise the camps. more  

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Coming to children 0-19, the Infection Fatality Rate is estimated at close to 0% for many countries across the world. There will be mild differences between geographic locations, but overall it is close to 0%. Government went ahead and announced vaccination for 15-18 age group against the advise of NTAGI (Dr Jayaprakash Muliyil, refer: ) and other experts like Dr Sanjay Rai (Refer: ). Now, they are going ahead with 12-17 age group as well. Parents should be vigilant and review all information. Especially parents should watch out for important statistical data like below: IFR: Infection Fatality Rate ADR/AEFI: Look out for statistics in terms of 1 in X for each of the severe ADR/AEFI per make of the Vax, and compare that with IFR. Above kind of analysis helps parents choose the least risk approach for their children. Those with medical/research background may review this research paper for example on IFR: NOTE: I am a parent like anybody else, not a medical/biology etc., specialist. Please do your own research and take advise of your family physician. more  
The vaccine manufacturers are NOT supplying vaccines below cost to anyone. They are making more than decent profits even on government orders. It must be understood that the government has even paid advances to the vaccine vendors. The vaccine vendors have made super-profits as can be seen from the accounts filed with Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Some of the vaccine mabufactuers are so rich that they are on a investment and acquistion spree, very silently. Many of the vaccine manufactuers have clandestinely acquired and opened units that were closed for years, some even under serious litigation, citing COVID. So let us not buy into this socialistic proposition of someone who can afford the vaccine paying for it. For the vaccine manufactuerer, not a single vaccine is given free from their pockets. The government on the other hand is recovering the cost from enhanced taxes on fuel etc. Private players who charge, are actually rendering a service, sometimes at a marginal social cost. The guy who gives vaccines for Rs 780 loses money, while BMC which gives vaccines free earns. more  
We all are aware that that the vaccine manufacturers are supplying a major portion of the vaccines to the government hospitals at a very lower price which is even less than their cost price and the remaining portion is supplied to the private hospitals at a higher price to recover the difference plus profit. Obviously, the private players make it available after inclusion of their margines plus expenses thus raising the cost. Even the price in India is much cheaper than its cost in western countries. When its free in government hospitals and getting the vaccine administered by private players is totally optional, we should not have any complaints over pricing. more  
the writes should join RAW or IB Or Not In India CIA / FB. details of Commission in hand without proof. more  
Let us also remember that those who can afford are paying, and this in turn helping give free vaccines to the poor. Why should the rich get the vaccine any cheaper than the ceiling or skimming price, if that helps reach vaccinations to all, so much the better, when there remains so much inequality. We have seen how unless prices matter, resources get wasted. Also there remains the cost factor too, therefore the economics must work out. more  
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