Private Schools are a broken model

Top private Schools in India are selling themselves at valuation of 600 crores - 1000 crores to foreign educational chains.

Schools in India are supposed to be non-profits and operate as a trust and not a money making venture but serving the society.

So to profit schools create two models. In the first one, they create a trust and a management company. Most functions of the school like transport uniforms food etc are outsourced to this management company that charges a bomb from the trust. The both are then sold in case of a school acquisition.

In the other model, the trust only operates but the promoter family takes high salaries and then kick backs are taken from various providers for contracts.

I urge that LocalCircles escalate this to the Government. No foreign body should be allowed to purchase any Indian school going forward. Foreign entities or Indian entities with foreign money should not be allowed to own or operate schools.

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Supreme Court to be Preferred with Senior Advocates more  
Articles 45,46 must not be set aside more  
A=B, B=C, so A=C. FY of business organizations start from April-March. Schools also start session from April to March. Hence, Schools are Business organizations. Trust is made to siphon off the money collected. more  
Have any of you thought of the question, "why the private schools started in India"? The reason is that government could not run good schools. I am all for having set standards for schools public and private you should not promote government take over of education system. more  
Real Fact is, Congress Govt recklessly changed System in Teacher Appts Set Private institutions without Mandating the System carried till 1995-95 .
Congress Govt Stopped Construction of Schools Colleges at par with Population Demand .
You are

On Mon, 17 Aug 2020, 11:56 Harsimran Kaur, <>

> more  
I have not had time to read all the 32 comments by members on the subject broached by Ms Harsimran.

However, reading her comments transported me mentally to over three hundred years ago when the British East India Company set their foot on the Indian soil, and, only through such commercial transactions as mentioned by Ms Harsimran, slowly but surely got in charge of the whole country and ruled it for over three hundred years.

Japan did this to the USA some twenty years ago, and now China is doing it not only to the USA but to the whole wide world. IF WE IN INDIA DO NOT WAKE UP NOW, then even God is not going to protect us, however sincere our prayers might be in the temples.

Today, you need to cut iron with iron, if friendly negotiations do not succeed. Sad, but then we live in Kalyug today and the terms of mutual cooperation as also of survival have their own definitions. more  
Very Correct. I also reiterated this danger of Merchandise Rule again. more  
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