Preparedness against terrorism

Its obvious that Imran Khan is under pressure. He has been treated as a non entity by USA and on the other hand PM Modi and President Trump are in total sync.

Khan knows that if he doesnt act, he will be removed.

We as a nation must prepare to prevent any terror attack and ensure we give a swift response to even a mild attempt.

With america by our side I am sure we can blow away Pakistani forces. more  

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US is like a cat sitting on the fence and especially with Trump, please don't ride with the hope to get full unconditional support from him as he needs Pakistan's hands to tackle the problems faced by US from Afghanistan. Again, Trump makes too many statements and majority of them contradicting one another. So India should not rely on US and guard it's border on its own. In case of any terrorist attack next time, it is ideal to crush Pakistan like it liberated Bangladesh in 1971. more  
Our forces defeated Pakistani army more than once in the past when even USA was not on our side. We must have faith on our army and there are no reasons to be joyous as USA always extend its hands of support if it serves their interests better specifically when a person like Donald Trump is their President. more  
Americans are on nobody‚Äôs side except their own. India and Pakistan have to resolve their differences by themselves even though it looks unlikely currently. more  
True. It is every Country's duty to Safeguard its own Territory and People. Neglect costs Souls more  
The problem of Terrorism is from the times of founding of islam. It has spread with sword, lived by the sword , and will perish by the sword . Read the history proerly. It cannot tollerate any othert religion. Wherever it has spread ,it is with war ,terror,mass murder ,loot ,rape , etc . Read world history . It took 32 years after profet , to conquere constantinople , and brek in to europe , within few decades it came to India . Thanks to abbasid rule of turks. Gazni md. ghori md, Tughaks, kublai khans ,taimurs , and followerd by babar . and you know after that. Every where in the world they ruined and looted ,converted or killed ,rapes and herams etc . So this is nothing new . We are facing them since 1200 years in India. But we forget and try to befriend them. This will never happen . Pakistan is only an mirror image of the past . America has always supports Pakistan, gives weapons to ruin India. The true friends of India are russians , They have stood by our side even in worst times . Thank the Russians . and build your own army , para, forces .Make compulsary service in military for all youth .... India will be secure ... more  
The threat from Pakistan is not a simple matter of subjugating it with American help. Remember Pakistan has become this bold and daring to start with only because of US aid. It is now a strategic concern not only confined to this peninsula. We need to get even Russia , Asian nations ( including China , may not be openly) , European nations , UK , Israel and even some Arabic countries to help contain and eventually dismember this nation. Its breeding of international terrorism and its own obsession of taking revenge for its 1971 humiliation at our hands is the only aim of its existence. Therefore the current effort of our government needs to be lauded and backed. more  
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