Power Outages

Have you heard of frequent outages/ breakdowns in private sectors/ industry. WHY!! Because they have competent staff & educated unlike electrical department here in india especially in DHBVN.
Every rain or thunderstorm outages can be to the extent of six to eight hours. Line & transformer insulation are so low that later when electricity is restored we have voltages like 90, 130 & 280 in three phases.
Chief Engineer should be answerable for such faults & removed from his post if they can't control their staff down below. They only like sitting in their AC offices dont bother checking reasons for outages & rectify once for all. To top up with all this is prevalent CORRUPTION all over.
Why do we have such high powered sodium vapour lamps when as good led street lights are available consuming less electricity. I have in my past 37 years in Faridabad have never seen transformers oil checked or dehydrated. Joints in lines are not water proof.
Give the department to private operator & see how losses are reduced due to short circuits/ leakage & thefts. New meters were supposed to be installed but I still see old meters in use at various places with new type WHY? If loads sanctioned & installed are checked discrepancies will come out in open.
Why can't India be like any other foreign country in these matters. Worst of all how many deaths occur due to short circuiting during monsoon. Value of life is missing with department. more  

Officers have been enjoying with public money in A/c rooms and waiting for retirement only. All employees of DHBVN and BSNL are good for nothing.... jab tak pitege nahi agle 20 saal tak aise he rahenge... more  
Privatization is not the only solution to handle the situation. Rules and Regulations are in place which are same for any operator whether it is private or PSU. The problem lies within we people only as we do not assert ourselves to ensure that everything works fine. How many of us make complaints in case of such power outages, breakdown, poor supply in terms of voltage, frequency etc. Sir, we are staying where we do see our neighbor's house to feel satisfied that his house is also without electricity. How many of us are getting electricity bills corrected by non-paying of convenience fee to the billing clerk. Sir, even I had raised complaint to the Department where the bill was received just 3 days prior to the due date of payment but again the same question how many of us do write such complaint. As per rules the bills are required to be delivered to the consumer 10 days prior to the due date of payment. Sir, the solution lies in discharging our own responsibilities to ensure that we get the specified level of service which is specified same for both in private and PSU sector. The first responsibility is to write a complaint by all of us for any violation. more  
DHBVN, Gurugram tried privatisation path having recruited poorly skilled electrician for field work. This continued until August 2017. The experiment caused frequent line fault, imbalance voltages, burning of meters, incorrect billing, rampant bribery for getting the fault repaired etc. All those private operators removed but frequent failure or break downs, imbalance voltages still continues. Storm, rain are the general excuses for power break down. more  
Agree. The situation will improve significantly with privatization. more  
Vinod your last line says it all. You don’t care and Modi doesn’t care. We poor and middle class are suffering because of your hopes! more  
The government doesn’t care for you because you will vote for them irrespective of how useless they are. more  
Reservations and corruption is taking us all down. There is no scope for merit in selection. I have stayed in the past in New Delhi. We had a big relief from DESU (a PSU) when the distribution was given to Tata's (NDPL). DG sets, went unused, appliances were never damaged because of voltage variations and it was big relief. Solution is therefore known and tried - it is lack of political will in Haryana to change the system and bring in efficiency. We as citizens keep voting. How can one choose a good apple when the bunch you have to choose from is itself rotten apples? The whole system needs a re-look and surgical strikes of an unprecedented kind. I still have hope on Mr. Modi to lead the nation. more  
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