Possible Election Reforms

E.C. has announced Elections of some States including U.P. in Ferbruary and March . Citizen of the Country are still awaiting the minimum Regulations on Candidature , Conduct , and Honourable Social Status being non convicted for any Social or Financial Crime to the Contestants ; as well as Accounting and Audit of Political Party Funds in the Country .
Secondly , the Persons caught on passing Gifts in Cash or Kind while on Elections and those transporting for such purpose shall be arrested , and convicted in the Court of Law while the Political Party Contestant concerned and connected is to be suspended for 11 years to contest again anywhere in the Country for any post of Political Base .
Political Democracy is to be reset to Honour the Country & Constitution please . more  

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Sri Govind Vijayaraghavan is absolutely correct and the S.C. also last week confined that Political Parties shall not make / create Castes , Religions , Communities as their Vote Bank . I think this is in view of the parties preferring through their vested Agencies with not only Currency , but also with befitting provisions and , the Articles ,like Cookers , Fans , Grinders , Laptops etc., etc., E.C. & S.C. are to help the Nation eradicating the carried ill-systems even considering the majority of over 30% in Legislatures being occupied by those having Social and Financial Criminals as at 2013 . more  
1. Disqualify parties which seek votes based on caste or religion immediately. 2. Disqualify parties without internal democracy where a single person or persons of one family continue to be the permanent leaders. The party organisation should provide for periodic elections and must ensure that there is a change of guard every time. Many political parties in India are nothing but family-run businesses. more  
Sri Arun Verma expressed his doubt in legal circle. This is why E.C. and the Constitutional Bench of the S.C. have to jointly think of the Country' Rule read with the objectives and concept of of the Constitutional provisions so far as the Rule in the country is concerned . The serious effects of those seated as at 2013 in the Legislating Houses being the Candidates provided by Election Commission of India with its set or unset Regulations scored above 30% majority holders by those possessed Social and or Financial Crimes and also many were being convicted HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED BY ALL THE GOVERNING BODIES OF THE CONSTITUTION INCLUDING THE APEX . The identified criminal , anti-social , and even anti-national issues and those serious cases in Courts of record do prove that there is absolute need to arrest such practices , carry , and maintenance in the Country FOR WHICH , THE CONSTITUTIONAL BENCH OF THE SUPREME COURT AND THE E.C. ONLY ARE CAPABLE & RESPONSIBLE BODIES OF THIS CONSTITUTION AND are not to shirk the responsibility like the Citizen who comprise above 46 illiterates even after 1/2 a Century beyond the completion of the breathing period cited in the Constitution through Article 41 & 45 those to be read with article 21 at the concept of part V , the Executive . Citizen were in deed cornered to various inabilities of life ; while the Law & Order , law & Justice Organs under the Constitution grossly failed just because of the unreasonable , non-scientific , rather absolutely monopolistic rights vested in the guise of Political Democracy AND NEED TO BE RECTIFIED AND CORRECTED . More particular and challenging is the malpractice , mischief , even that could be confined as Cheating & traitor y discovered in the Exchange of demonetized Notes with the New Currency in all States . more  
The E.C. has to accept Voting through Net and to increase Voting even by those buisy or cannot strain . App base again may lead to malpractice . more  
Minimum Rectifying Regulations are a must please . more  
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