Pollution & Smog in NCR

There is no single factor responsible for this. Any effort will have little effect & improvement. There are some identified and politics going on these in words and no major effort made to have significant effect. There are lot natural and some man made in different geography(s) involving several states with different problems & issues. Further requiring substantial expenditure. Corruption increases the budget & inefficiencies increased time line if start made. Number of Govt.(s) involved lacks initiative to lead delays any planned project. In this process time is lost and nature changes the severity, making everything go in background & again next year things start afresh to repeat the story to contribute to inefficiency historical for nature to cause some disaster to bring balance.
PMO should monitor and bring speed in stalled emergency projects for some effect at govt. level. more  

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When the situation is so serious, what the local government machinery is doing. Is there no rules in our law to stop it ??? We could successfully implemented Swachha Bharat, then why not educating the farmers. more  
Pollution in Delhi is being highlighted as one of the most vulnerable and alarming problems with even schools declaring holidays due to high concentration of air pollution. It is evident that it is a man made problem. It is important to identify the sources of pollution and eradicate them at grass root level. A serious and endangering problem is to be divided in to smaller portions and addressed in phases rather than trying to bite more than what we can chew. It is imperative that public awareness and participation to be amassed rather than blaming the authorities.
I know there are limitations of public participation alone. But, we can still try for putting together the vast expertise and technical know how with in ourselves and propose to the Government and non Government bodies for funds.
I am seriously concerned about our future generation. Let us come together and act. How many of us are ready for this. more  
convert crop residues to haylage Haylage is a material that can be made out of digestion of any or all lignified materials including dry leaves. Converting crop residues to haylage of 55% moisture can be achieved by coating sugar syrup mixed with probiotics. The materials get cured when they are stored in airtight bales for one month. The process increases the dry matter digestibility of the fodder, increase the ME value and also helps the formation of bacterial protein with VFA. The treated Haylage is very aromatic, palatable and become good fodder. The above technology is a combination silage and straw treatment in a plant. [see also annexure 3] [ME = Metabolizeable Energy ; VFA= volatile fatty Acid more  
Recently it has come to light that burning of crop residues in the border states of UP and Haryana is a major cause of air pollution in Delhi. Though Dr P.N. Bhatt the erstwhile Animal husbandry Commissioner (AHC) govt. of India once suggested research work to investigate the possibility of de-lignification of crop residues to prepare feed, Feed technology has not found priority in any research institutions under ICAR; Many agriculture specialists handle research in nutrition in many agriculture institutes (under the banner Animal science), an effective R&D in feed technology had never received the priority that it deserves. Feed technology is tagged with animal nutrition. . While in crop production, most favorable factors of the past growth can no more be tapped diversion of land for forage production may not be easy. Improved feeding through feed technology would be a possible way to be investigated. more  
The pollution in Delhi-NCR during the month of November for the past few years is alarming. This is happening not due to millions of vehicles plying on the road, garbage burning or industrial combustion emitting flue gases but about 50% due to burning of agricultural residues in Punjab, Haryana and western U.P. after the harvest. Why the central and state Govts. are mum on on this issue? Just to avoid the wrath of the farmers and loosing the vote banks? Why not farmers are thoroughly counseled of severe affects of environment and loss of properties of the soil of their own lands? Some how stringent preventive measures leading to complete ban must be ensured otherwise people of Delhi-NCR and adjoining areas would remain put in the gas chamber and struggle for their lives. The agricultural waste has the potential to be utilized as a fuel for biomass power generation, industrial usages and making environmental friendly carry bags and number of disposable items replacing plastic materials which ultimately become the source of income to the farmers. Govt. must have the provision of funds for the processing of agriculture residues and funding/soft loans to the farmers. more  
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