Politicians , apex and High courts know Well

All Politicians particularly know the several Forms of Black Money and that the Means & Sources are also many .
A. i. Presently it is not easy to drill out those Safest places of : Land & landed properties ; Shares ; Factories , Instittions , Hospitals ; Function Halls & Business Houses.
ii. We cannot find out ; Gold , Pearls & Diamonds AND CURRENCY kept in Bank Locker & underground .
iii. Also we cannot assess the value of luxurious wealth of Cars , A.C., Deluxe & Electronic appliances AS WELL AS the Travel Busses , Cabs etc., Vehicles .
B. iv . There is no channel or process to assess the Business volume to arrest misuse and avoidence of Sales Tax and & Duties .
v. There is no procedure & process to assess volume of Expenditure on LifeStyle , Educational Fee , Lavish payments to arrest misuse and avoidence of Income Tax .
vi. There is no System and Care to control Concentration of Wealth in LAND , Landed properties ; Residential Houses and all above TO CARRY Equal Opportunity , Equality Before Law and to SuBSERVE THE COMMON under Article 39 C and , the very IPC .Wealthy becoming wealthy , Common becoming Poor and the Poor are becoming Poorest of the Poor as commented by Supreme Court in 1993 THAT WAS WELL PROVED WITH THE S.E. STATISTICS OF 2011 .

C. vii. Corruption is the root cause of Black Money as also quoted by Gandhiji quiet before and CURRENCY & its Bank Drafts is the Main Source and means of Corruption . Vigilance , Investigation , Intelligence and the very Anti Corruption Bureau do exist and were f\grossly cornered and diversified by the Politicians who had the optimum power even in carry of Governance and Execution .
Judiciary was also made so and became so , while the very concept of livelihood of their own Citizen have had been put to heavy losses and distress though Article 14, 21 , 31 C , 39 C , 15 [4] , 16 [4] , 45, 46, 47, 48 , 51 A exist alongwith part IV A .
This negligence continuously allowed loot of National Income of Taxes and Produces AND Robbery and misuse of National Wealth and Resources .
viii. Agricultural Income being EXEMPTED from Tax , the Corruptyed and illegally Secured CURRENCY IS BEING SHOWN AS agricultural Income and the governments FAILED IN ASSESSING THE Agricultural Income and is the greatest fault and a way was legally thus allowed for generation of Corrupted and Black Money .

D. The Repeated Exchange of Currency against RBI directions keeping away Police from Banks best energized CORRUPTION WITH CURRENCY opted by the Black Money Holders discounting their 500 & 1000 Notes was was evident from the Media Houses becomes a questionable issue at all Branches of Banks .
Here , in this connection , it is evident from the Media that the 2000 currency got on exchange and other sources from certain Banks is being used for getting Premium on sale of these for old notes .

E. It is necessary to the Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India to appraise the Supreme Court of India , the Facts visualized , in T.V.Media , observed by Citizen , supporting with the Statistics FOR THE JUSTIFIED CARRY OF CURRENCY TO CURB CORRUPTION AND BLACK MONEY please . more  

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Supreme Court to recognize the Media Reports where the Exchange of Currency was set for repeated Exchange with Discount and Premium ; and the fact of Minors being paid the Exchange in the Banks . Apex to also call for the Statistics of Total Currency outside the Banks in 500 & 1000 === 10 to 100 === as at 30th June , 30th September , 8th November and the latest Date . S.C. also to call for Number and Value of Currency Seized while on transportation by Police since 9th November in all States from POLICE as well as Media to confirm the possibility of Demonetization in India which absolutely become necessary to Seize Black Money and Concealed Currency under article 39 C even . It is true that it is not possible to Exchange the 500 and 1000 notes with the new Notes SINCE THE ILLICIT PROCESES OPTED AS CITED ABOVE , CANNOT BE CONTROLLED AND THE WHOLE NOTES IN CIRCULATION IN THE COUNTRY AUTOMATICALLY BECOME WHITE just with this Sincere and dedicated step of Government . more  
1. Police caught a Team with Technician who took Cash from Bank but do not fill ATM . Rs.35 lakhs new notes Seized from them in Visakhapatnam . 2. CBI raided and Seized 40 lakhs worth 500 and 1000 notes in a Hyderabad Post Office which were set for Exchange . CBI further said that their other Teams are aiming at other Post Offices . THIS IS THE WAY THE STATES WERE IN THIS ISSUE OF CURRENCY EXCHANGE . Safety and Security totally set aside from 12th November just for such illicit purposes and other discount options . more  
All those Farmers etc., having Accounts in Cooperative Banks and Cooperative Credit Societies and most of them are not at all transacting their Business through Banks . Every Village that possess these Cooperative provision handling only in Cash with the Mediating Agents and even Market yards some times . The Government now selected Cooperative Banks also for Exchange of Currency , State of Kerala already declared and on the same day , an old man of 74 years died thinking that he cannot drawn his Bulk Money deposited in the Cooperation Bank and this is the News . on 10th also a lady also Suicided in AP with such fear but with the cash she kept in her House which was part of the money received from Sale of her Land This is also a Big amount of 52 lakhs . NEWS IS NEWS . DEATHS are DEATHS . Fact is to be notified by Police later . more  
The Media visuals yesterday late evening reveal those Aged 8 and upto 13 are engaged with their Aadhar Card who are exchanging 2000 and 4000 per trip . THIS IS SET AS A CHALLENGE TO THE GOVERNMENT & JUDICIARY just at the provision of individual rights in the Constitution . The issue of Legitimate Bank Accounts in the name of Minors and their possessing Aadhar Card or any identity Card SHALL NOT BE ALLOWED LEGALLY FOR TRANSACTING BUSINESS WITH THE CURRENCY since they are not capable of handling such currency of thousands in Safe except less than a 100 [ 89 to 13 aged ] in their area merchants . Supreme Court is to justify this mode of challenge on demonetization process purposed for curbing only Black Money and the Concealed money . The Seriousness of such Currency statistically is to be recognized to confine strict actions at public interest and for the Secured National Safety . more  
Congress high command and their allies using Media ; Bank queues and , ATM lines where even their Vice President also present . Comments stated that the poor are suffering in lines with 500 & 1000 notes . HOW IT COULD BE TRUE while the Indian Statistics placed majority Common and Poor striving . Communists and others staging in Media houses commenting whether Ambani has come to the line for new Currency ? No. only common people are suffering in queues . WHAT ASTONISHING COMMENTS ? . The fact is that one who has money earned and lodged in Bank in lakhs or Crorees , can daily lead himself and his Official Staff at ease using their Bank Card for Milk , Vegetables , Fruits , Kirana and Geneeral , Fancy and Costly kits etc., deputing their assistant and , run net-linked business . THEIR OBJECT IF WE THINK , IS ONLY TO INSTIGATE , IRRITATE the general public step along-with them for protest and conduct processions like Parliament to Presidents Palace . more  
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