Political unrest in the country-some suggestions .

The present turmoil by select opposing groups in all parts of the country is reflecting a orchestrated attempt to foment trouble for the ruling party and draw anti Indian propaganda.
This is damaging the image of the country’s Governance and nothing else .There is no persecution ,no denial of any ones rights and courts are still dispensing the needed justice to all.
The left oriented student bodies and self styled guardians of democracy in the varsity’s and retired jobless intellectuals who found favour in the earlier governments continue to stir the trouble by issuing statements in debates on TVs and news media .
The leadership is being high jacked by extreme groups like Moists and Muslim bodies and they are pushing women on to streets just to look as if the Muslims are targeted by NPR/CAA.
Various state governments are playing games for cheap popularity against present leadership .
The present central govt is doing the utmost to address the economic, political and security issues.
The abrogation of article 370 is the desire of all Indians and brought good results and we must continue to normalise the life in J and K by facilitating the return of willing Pandits and other displaced original citizens by offering loans to start businesses,by providing house plots at nominal price and offer boundless security and pass a law that what ever property was forcibly taken must be restored by law by cancelling registration and repayment by state the cost mentioned in registration ,the other category of forcible occupation of property must be restored and the occupier punished as looters.Rest is education,job facilities for all residents of j and k.Immediate issue of social security cards for all citizens by central govt administration as early as possible.Segregated compounds for new residents with security is a step suggested in this direction.
The implimentation of CAA can go into back burner even if it is on statute books .
Next step is to protect border states with enemy countries by fresh demographic profiling and issue of social security cards with biometric,facial recognition features .
This is a urgent step from protecting the local population from infiltration.
Aggressive public image restoration by conducting talks,seminars ,debates, advertisements and friendly foreign policy moves .
Dealing with hostile countries as it deserves diplomatically and militarily with out much fanfare.
We wish that all patriotic forces must unite ,think of the country and bring tensions down between communities and groups assure them of redressal of their grievances if any arising out of apprehension and propaganda.Jaihind. more  

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some religious and some political groups are continuing the unrest in spite of repeated assurances from.central government .
This is to be viewed as a conspiracy and it is defying logic to push women and children to the front just to blame in case of injury, illhealth,fatality due to physical violence,stampede,dehydration,inadequate nutrition in addition to force by law an d order authoritues.A
The gov t m u st promulgate immediate laws to prevent as it is causing hardship to traffic and dai!y normal life activities.
There is no.Patriotism in it only exploitation by some group leaders . more  
Realising Constitutional Responsibility SUPREME COURT even now SPECIFY AUTHORITY OF (1) Guarantees of Justice, Social, Economic, Political ; Fraternity ; National Integrity and Safety
(2) Rights and Restrictions of Clause (2) to (6) of Article 19 ; (3) Overriding Authority of Clause 1 of Article 19 ;

None can Comment on those projecting FEMALE IN FRONT LINE OF Protests and Processions . IT IS FOR THE MEN AND WOMEN .


Judiciary to Regulate Punishments on Fictitious Cases while concluding a Judicial Order .

Overall again , the Judiciary MUST BE made as the Absolute Authority over Constitutional ISSUES .
Until then there is no use in any for any OTHER THAN MARSHALL RULE more  
The country had been largely ruled by opposition parties for around 65 years, and without prejudice it can be said that there was a large corruption and appeasement base. Now that the present central government is trying to keep corruption under control and working with the principle "sabka saat sabka vikas", the opposition who has lost all their stands are LARGELY INTOLERANT and trying hard to paint a wrong picture of the ruling government. (However, I do not endorse my stand on keeping corruption under control with reference to state governments ruled by the same party). With the way the opposition is behaving general public have now understood the stands of the major parties. It takes time to settle. more  
This is why 23 Parties Coalition too was Rejected by majority Voters. Still it is necessary for JUDICIARY to uphold Corruption Controls including Aadhar Linkage to ALL and Bank/Digital Transactions on above Rs.2,000/- . GOI TO REPLACE 2000 AND 500 CURRENCY WITH Rs.200/- more  
The so called discrimination against muslims is a direct result of discrimination against non muslims in neighbouring countries. Again this so called discrimination is not for those who are already citizens. It is also not for those who will stay in India for long. Why this hulla gulla is not understood except that the opposition will continue to harp on one issue after other in an effort to dislodge the present govt.
There is a growing dissatisfaction with the present govt for NOT taking stringent measures against tukde-tukde gangs and their supporters. I too feel such freedom of speech should not be tolerated and elements who damage public property, shout anti India slogans and support anti India activities should be shot on the spot. We can ill afford such freedoms. more  
Separaatists strongly Backed. Separation of Assam , Eastern India IS NOW UNDER DEMAND . These Provoking UT OF ASSAM AND EASTERN PROVINCES .
All instigtions against GOI AND INDIAN CONSTITUTION . more  
The fear is ill founded and none in India will be affected .This is hysteria generated by vested interest s. more  
I think you are devoid of facts. Apparently a lone sided view more  
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