Policy Changes to Drive Swachhta

With this post we ask you to suggest 1-2 new policies/changes each that can be implemented by Central Government Ministries and can have huge impact on cleanliness and waste management in the country. We will then figure out how we can coordinate with other ministries and get it implemented

One good example that was outlined today by circle member Ambika KN was eliminating pouch sized packing of gutkas, pan masalas, etc and allow sale in wholesale quantities followed by retail in paper bags so the waste generated is minimized.

We need 1-2 ideas atleast from each member. Please do keep in mind that these suggestions should be ones that are policy changes by Central Govt so their is no State/Local Body dependency.

Swachh Bharat Mission more  

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Following points suggested - Cleanliness - 1Cleanliness can have impact on climate ,health , safety , life cycle ,costs and attitude . Hence successful planning ,implementation and monitoring are necessary 2 It is therefore important that every project/work which are planned should always include specifications of cleanliness during design , processing , monitoring ,and completion stages . Guidance at each stage is very important . Regular checks/ inspection should be carried out at each stage till completion of project . Cleanliness should be part of project and its budget included in it .Waste Management - Waste is unavoidable and generated from various sources including household , industry , market places plants and animals etc. Hence timely and effective scientific management is necessary at responsible / senior level. 1 Waste material can be reused and recycled with vision of doing more with less . This will create waste manage management Industry 2 This can create job opportunities for all levels and generate wealth if if properly managed besides ensuring cleanliness . more  
Government having collected cess should utilise the funds through urban local bodies. more  
I have developed few methods for destruction of mosquitoes and protection from mosquitoes. more  
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