Police Atrocities

Please note today I visited a police station in Delhi and I have seen a police man beating a man mercilessly, slapping, punching, fisting and kicking. This way anyone can be forced to accept any crime which is not done by him. This way police is saving his skin and putting or forcing heinous crimes upon innocent people. So this is my honest and humble appeal to you please enforce human rights in all police stations in Delhi and India so that innocent people could be saved from police atrocities. Please put some human rights staff in all these police stations so that behaviour of these police men could be checked and they can be booked as well in case of any crime.

Thanks with best regards. more  

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I agree to limited degree.. Police must credit human rights to anyone under their custody but, the goons do consider no limits while committing crime. Moreover, policemen must be honest and steadfast also.. They should dare taking decisions and dare not accept any political pressure. It is their domain of work. more  
Exactly correct. Teachers, Lecturers, innocent people and Police are facing dishonour, challenge and attacks. Politically backed stalwarts indulging in such of these many times every month.
I had seen these as well as the good and accountable responsibility shouldered by POLICE. I had seen even IN TV Channels that where in Heads of POLICE, even IAS District Collectors are insulted and misbehaved by the Politicians and their Supporting Groups.
FAILURE OF LAW AND ORDER IS ONLY ROOT CAUSE FOR ALL SUCH AS WELL AS CONTINUED FRAUDS AND CRIMINAL CONDUCT IN THE Society and even the Country which had been swallowing the peaceful living as well as Funds and Finances AND, THE JUDICIARY EVEN HEREAFTER REALISE.
A CJI teared his eyes ; A CJI suggested frequent meets of Executive and Judiciary ; A CJI dared to comment on the anti national practice of allowing/opting Convicts to manage Political Parties and even keep HIS PROXY TO RULE THE PEOPLE UNDER THIS CONSTITUTION.
This is why, we are all investing time and mind in Transforming India , Surakshit Bharat , Legal Advise etc., Circles initiated by BJP at National and Constitutional Interest. more  
Then third degree is acceptable mr Stephen in 21 st century . more  
Absolutely. Increasing Social and Fiscal Frauds, Loot of Govt FUNDS, Public Finances, Sexual Instigations and Rapes MUST NEED PUNISHMENTS beyond Third degree LIKE Removing A hand / A leg / One hand and One Leg / Death Sentence SINCE ALL ARE HUMAN BEINGS not only the person commit. Society AS A WHOLE TO BE SECURED eliminating such individuals. This is only Justified Method of JUSTICE please. more  
In the first place the person at receiving end was not just picked up from the road...police would have credible information (they have their own sources). If Mr.Bansal is so concerned about people in police station, may be the police could send them to Mr.Bansal's home instead so that they can confess to him. As it is the goons and thugs hardly have any fear of the law...when a policeman trying to stop a vehicle gets badly injured when they try to run over him...where is your concern Mr.Bansal? Which side of the Law are you On? Courts acquit goons for lack of evidence and all hard work done by police comes to nothing...these goons then roam around as predators. Stop painting the Police in Negative. more  
99% living in India are safe and secured with peace just because of 80% dedicated POLICE. 100% True. more  
I do agree and they will give strong illogical justification too. more  
when criminal is presented before a court, he should be alone with the judge to say whatever he wants. He should not be surrounded by police . more  
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