Police Atrocities

What Mr. Bansal has written is just a small part of the way Police in this Great Country works. They give Electric Shocks, they remove nails using pliers etc. etc.
Every few days people die in Police Custody. Initially the charges are denied. IF HEAVY PRESSURE IS THERE SOME INQUIRY IS SET UP. The Report comes after months and the Police persons are absolved of the Charges.
By any chance if the matter lingers and the matter goes to Court, the matter takes years. The Evidences are lost or purchased or intimidated. Finally nothing happens.
Our Politicians are using the Police for their own Selfish Ends. Hence, they are not interested in Human Rights etc. They will NEVER NEVER do something POSITIVE. more  

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I feel extremely shamed and horrified when I read or hear about police atrocities and even involvement in crime I have been training and teaching police personnel and even judiciary from different parts of the country when I was in NICFS(MHA) for 2 to 3 decades and as a criminal psychologist I was taking classes on various aspects of social dynamics and criminal behavior The whole police discipline depends on the officer heading the department. The Home Ministry needs to take cognizance of these incidents and give severe punishment to the deviant police personnel S.Sanyal more  
Politically motivated arrogance resulting in Contempt of Lawful Authority. Even Governors, IAS, IPS are targeted by those indulging in indiscipline, arrogance ever challenging the Rule of Law and the Laws of the Rule.

This is the root cause. What Sri K C Rana tabled in the previous comment is absolutely correct. Those indulging in the above, never spelling the truth even if found having been fully indulged in.
There are many cases where majority and those acquainted public/associates know the realities of the issues of incident, the cases getting un-filed/squashed on the pretext of benefit of doubt, inadequacy of prosecution in addition to loopholes existed int the Laws.

Police are friendly to Citizen more than any others while Policing had been set to fail from 90s due to ill-full political interests as well as the compulsion from local muscle power.
Lawyers and Police are not prompt to their oath of promise.
Many Policemen are being targeted by anti socials, anti nationals, Robbers and Smugglers in addition to the unconstitutional increase of Maoism, Naxalism etc., National and, the External Terrorism being sheltered by these groups.
During the last 70 years everything has changed but the policing and judicial system remained
static. The Lie Detectors and CCTV cameras should be installed in every police station to extract correct information. Using 3rd degree methods should be banned once for all. Similarly, such
equipments should be installed in all Courts to record the correct information. Entry of
witnesses/sureties should be banned as these are manipulated by the advocates and judges.
This will result in speedy justice delivery and reducing corruption in police/courts to a GREAT
extent. This will also help in reducing frivolous/fake litigation to settle scores with the
opposite party. more  
I though a practising Ophthalmologist, attend subdivisional, district,and high court for litigation related to property. Fortunately so far I am lucky not to have been asked to attend consumer court. I fully agree with Mr Csn Sarma and very much appreciate his above post. Many of us know it very well that without an effective honest and speedy judicial system our country can not make any real progress at all. Along with vast improvement of infrastructure and substantial increase of judges , performance of the whole system has to be audited including the conduct and performance of lawyers, who are considered to be officer of the court. more  
The increase in the number of judges will not result in speedy justice.
Instead, increasing working days from 120 to 250/year, fixing age of
every case, making judges accountable to issue stay orders, granting
bails and unlimited adjournments will go a long way in reducing pendancy
in Courts. Corruption and manipulations for advocates in connivance
with judges are major bottlenecks in justice delivery in India. more  
CCTV cameras should be installed in each police station to get good views of all areas of the station. The recording should be in a central location with only viewing facility provided to authorized persons. High restriction on accessibility of the Physical data storage unit should be in place. If such evidence is available, the atrocities will certainly reduce. more  
How many of you are aware that one of the main reasons for Police force becoming less efficient is the tom-tom of Human Rights. Why don't Human Rights activists go and preach their fundas before the terrorists, stone pelters, goons. Do you think that culprits will accept their offence if you speak nice to them? If yes, then why don't promoters of this thought be given a chance! Friends, don't get carried away with just thoughts expressed by someone on the post. more  
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