PMs speech in parliament - highlights

The debate has been very good. Many Members of Parliament expressed their thoughts and several others sent their views in writing as well.

In his speech, the President talked about the speed and direction of the development measures taken for India.

Many Members would be wishing - what if this happened, what if that happened. I see this very positively.

I heard it said that "previous projects have been picked up, and their name changed. Some must have felt that this was our program, you just changed name, I believe you shouldn't criticize this, you should feel proud instead.

We have inherited some problems and we are trying to find solutions for them.

The issue is not about names of schemes, the issue is about solutions to problems, and development.
Cleanliness is a major issue, it is about our mindset, It's our responsibility to ensure cleanliness.

When I speak of Swachhata Abhiyaan, I keep in mind the poor who fall sick due to dirty or unhygienic surroundings.

Do we not have to integrate every Indian in Swachhata Abhiyaan?
Swachhta Abhiyaan Koi Udghatan Samaroh Nahi Hai. (Mission 'Clean India' is not an inauguration ceremony).

Naam ye rahe ya woh rahe, iss se upar uth kar, samasya na rahe uss par kendrit hum rahenge. (We must rise above what the names of the schemes should be, and focus on solving problems).

For about 3 months, Assi Ghat in Varanasi is being cleaned regularly. Just imagine how dirty it must have been.

If Lohiyaji has said something good, Modi should be proud to follow it.
When Mulayam Singh ji spoke about Assi Ghat cleanliness, I was wondering whether he was giving me a report of the UP Government, or the Centre.
Governments have not made this country as great as it is. India is great because the people have made it so. Governments will come and go.
Governments come and go. This great nation has been made by the People, their strength and their ability.

We never claimed that we will do everything in 9 months.

Meri raneetik sooj bhoojh kehti hai ki MNREGA band nhi hona chahiye, kyunki MNREGA aapki vifaltayon ka jeeta jaagta samarak hai. (You must agree that I'm politically prudent. It tells me never to shut MNREGA down. I will never commit that mistake because MNREGA is an edifice of your failings).

Corruption has ruined the Nation and the Nation must not discuss it through a political prism.

Do not want corruption to be discussed within the limitations of politics. Because that limits us to whose shirt is whiter.

State must be policy driven. If a state is policy driven then grey areas are minimum.

If we all join hands and decide that we will combat corruption together, our nation has the ability to be corruption free.

One of our greatest achievements is that we have forced the nation to debate the issue of black money.

I truly believe corruption free services can be developed. Everyone needs to work together to fight the malpractice of corruption.

The Supreme Court had asked for an SIT to be formed. What had happened for 3 years? No SIT was formed. The first decision the new government took, that too in its first cabinet meeting was to form an SIT on black money.

I must congratulate Arun Jaitley that he coordinated with Swiss banks. Now we can get information from them.

We will not deviate from this path, and I must say no one will be spared. Please don't say we were vindictive in our actions.

We talk a lot about farmers, but shouldn't we also find concrete ways to address issues of farmers? "Per Drop, More Crop" is what we want to focus on.

We believe in optimum utilisation of our infrastructure.

We should start soil-testing labs everywhere. Farmers should check the health of the land.
Farmers will be able to save money if there is soil testing.

Yeh gareebon ko samarpit sarkaar hai. (This government is dedicated to the poor).

We have formed an expenditure commission to reduce frivolous expenditure. We are moving towards good governance and best practices.

I have never been able to understand why certificates needed to be attested.

We have introduced a rule of self-attestation and verification against originals at the final stage.
This may seem small to you, but it helps the common man, the unprivileged people of this country.

A Government has to work for everyone, especially the poor. Let us stop unnecessary expenditure so that the money can reach the poor - those who are much in need of it.

Museebat ki jad choti-choti hi hoti hai, jo baad mein jaake bahut bada vriksh ban jaati hai. (The roots of all problems are tiny to start with, but down the line it grows to become as big as a tree).

While speaking about me, some people had said that I would need a visa to enter Parliament. There are important functions that a PM has to do in the international fora. Could they not find any other issue to criticize me with?

It is the poor, the farmers, the tribal communities that are on my mind when I am traveling abroad.
Our government is not playing politics over the poor, and will stand by it.

Had announced the Jan Dhan Yojana on 15th August 2014. I must say that we have completed the project well in time.

I must also let you know that the process for making 60,000 to 65,000 toilets for girls is complete.

We can change the ways of disaster management. When there were floods in J&K, we made a list of all central government officers in Jammu and Kashmir and sent them for assistance. This is our responsibility, to stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

We should not be arrogant to think that there can be nothing better in the world than what we have done: PM on existing land bill passed by the UPA
We were standing with you when you passed the land bill, we knew you were rushing through this with an eye towards political gains: PM on existing land bill passed by the UPA

We knew you were hurrying passage of the bill for political gains, yet we stood with you. But why did it take you (UPA/Congress) 120 years to find flaws in the law. (The previous land law was made in 1896).
When we formed the government, chief ministers of states from all the parties told us, think about the farmer. We are not so arrogant that we will not listen to what the chief ministers have to say. more  

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Dr shambhu g many ghotala made in my country. I agreed with you. but no any person think that who was ghotalabaz. all was only politician. In my India all politician are same. they called 100 paisa of 1 rupee. some politician command the 100 paisa. which have more he called Governer/Government, all realted to ghotala. no any person /governer or chief of government want to open this matter. some open for few time and than tay tay fish. more  
I agree with Shambhu Sharma.I find no future for my country unless: a)population is controlled. b) Justice delivery system is given a bullet train speed.c) police functioning is people friendly and without corruption.d) our great MPs and MLAs do service to the Nation and keep themselves away from VIP culture. e) our health system,education,transport system,railways and other Govt agencies have to be reasonable with public and again without corruption. Any amount of speech or address on the radio will not solve the problems of my country.In short ,so far NOTHING HAS CHANGED ON GROUND. more  
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