Please clear my doubt

It was told that Andhra Pradesh was divided for easy administration. How the area was divided? In the map, I could see Andhra covers entire coastal areas of the Andhra Pradesh map. where as telungana district is away from the coastal areas.

1. 20% of coal resource in telungana would give income for administration what about the Andhra.
2. When it comes to agriculture still state government is providing lot of subsidy to the people for cultivation such that how andhra would get income for administration.
3. As Complete Andhra has coastal area with no place given to telungana, during flood Andhra has to spend a huge amount to the people flood donation which will not be the case for the telungana region.

What was the basic criteria that was followed to divide the state and based on which article splitting of districts between the states was followed? If someone could help me in knowing this, I would be thankful to them more  

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At the prevalence of external aggression on three sides of J& K , and the continuous lapse of Security and even the non carry of public administration to the places concerned besides lack of Police law & order , the real citizen could not get the fruits of independence and even freedom . Even in other places where the public administration could not reach the places , the maoists and naxalites have had been simultaneous and parallel rule themselves . Even some Districts where prominent Cities are existing even , their territorial places are in the oppressive pressures of these Activists expanding their manpower commandos and the people are so insecure and nonindependent . The had been some mistakes in the first 2 decades and India is still insecure in all such places . The political parties' stepping in J & K still could not establish Sovereign to this place due their absolute internal politics and now , in future , the integrity and patriotism has to be further expanded which could be possible only with the requisite prompt and Secured rule , organizing public Safety , Creating self confidence of living along the boundary villages and this require sincere policing from top to bottom besides the democratic coordination from the Center . more  
Is Nizam rule specifies the rule by the king before Independence?? If so after independence we have set Indian constitutions, amendments and articles and we should bound to it. Instead if people fight comparing the situation of the country before independence then the mind of the people has changed they are not united as we were at the time of independence. i.e.., only after all our Indians joined together we were able to get freedom from the invaders. more  
Sir, 1. in my first sharing , I named the issue of Kashmir only at the effects that have had been leading the kashmir innocent People to striving sacrifying themselves , bloodshed and disaster decades together and , particularly , the issue of P O K , that has been taking to continuous task due to the natural issue of natural justice to any human being . 2. In an another share on a different post I brought into memory that Indians had sheltered Bangladesh refugees some decades back just like the Pakisthan that had sheltered those Indian Muslims went away to them some time before that . Now , I feel that the issue of P O K is the effect of the couple of point 1 and the part of the 2 . 3. As regards to other pertinent matters of your sharing , I can only say that Mahatma Gandhi ji did not agree and accept the then division proposal of British Empire and the then issue was inevitably concluded so parting with . In this connection, it remembers me that Sri Alluri Seetha Rama Raju , a renowned freedom fighter , only to save his people and public , surrendered himself to the British Empire and shed himself . This memorize that a leader shall be such in realizing his responsibilities at the concept of the people and public . For this only the President of India had wisely included the needed quotations of Mahatma Gandhi ji to the acutely necessiated guideline speech on the eve of the Independence Day , on 15 th August 2013 whereas only the majority of the people could realize and imbibe resulting the effect in 2014 elections . more  
sir please clarify my another doubt. From your conversation, I can understand that Pakistan is created by dividing the Kashmir then Pakistan should get the status of a state. But it has given a status of a country. At the time of 1947, who gives rights to create a new country. Is it possible to easily create a country??? Moreover Afghanistan is also given a status of another country. Can some one tell me where I can know the history about how the division of country was done?? Who gives the rights under what basis a countries was divided. more  
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