Plastic Ban

Why yes to ban plastic & No to paper....!!??
It's a wrong notion developed in common man that plastic is hazardous and we should not use plastic. Plastic has made our lives easy & it is convenient.It can be used with any food item, vegetables, water, medicine, garments, stationary, jewellery, toothpaste, shampoo, washing powder, food grain, vegetable oil, milk, fruits & many more things & is available anytime anywhere. It has made our life easy. It has given employment & provided a livelihood to lacs of people which is always a concern for any government.
It has replaced paper and thus saved a lot of trees from being cut & is very essential to stop global warming.
Plastic waste of course is a concern only when it is not collected and reused. All plastic should be recycled and reused. It is our responsibility to throw this plastic or any wastage in dustbins so it can be sent for recycling. We need to change our habits and not ban plastic. We can also generate electricity from any plastic waste with hardly 1% residue. Whereas thousands of trees & lacs of liters of water is used to manufacture paper. This contaminated water is disposed off in rivers or the sea and thus pollutes the environment.
Plastic is made out of a byproduct left after processing of crude oil which is extracted from the sea. So why say no to plastic?? Iron ore used for making metal is depleting our land. Paper is taking away our trees & pushing us towards global warming.
So when we say ban plastic.......are we talking of saving the environment?? Who should we blame? A civilian who doesn't throws thrash in dustbins or the Municipal Corporation who has not developed an efficient system to collect waste & passes their inability & failure to plastic users?
Shouldn't these politicians stop playing with the common man's life and getting political mileage from it?
Mobiles have made our lives easy but at the same time they take away our mental peace.They are also generating e-waste which is not recyclable. Should we ban the use & sale of mobiles?? Cars, bikes, trucks emit a lot of CO2 so should we ban cars and stop manufacturing all vehicles? Air-conditioners emit a lot of hot air so should we ban air-conditioners?? Lots of hazardous chemicals are used for agriculture which cause cancer & deaths of farmers. Can't we ban them and go for organic chemicals immediately? I can give you many such examples of things which we should ban immediately.
Should we Ban plastic??? Do we want to go back to the 18th century???Should we not correct our habits rather than banning all products & gadgets?? Can't we make rational use of all our resources so we make life better for the next generation?Should we think of replacing plastic with paper???
Just give it a serious thought more  

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rather than banning plastic bags.. govt should madate manufacturing of biodegradable plastic bags. more  
Be aware. Apart from environmental pollution, many plastic items contains other chemicals as plasticizers, stabilisers.modifiers, etc. a no. of which had been identified as carcinogenic, hormone disruptors ,etc. Bisphenol A (abbreviated BPA) is one of them. My earnest request to all not to consume a bottled water, which has not been kept sufficiently chilled and is old. (What is the ideal temperature and how much old ?????) more  
The points raised by Mr Contractor are well convincing. Plastic bags are is use all over the globe but they have perfect waste management system and their citizens are also well aware of the adversity and fully cooperate the authority in cleansing and waste management. We should also follow their system rather than talking for banning this and that. We, being responsible citizens should also come forward at our own to fully cooperate with the concerned authorities. more  

I AGREE WITH WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN. PLASTICS , HDPE, LDPE, CELLOPHANE, POLYESTER AND MANY MORE VARIETIES OF PACKING PRODUCTS falling under the category of plastics have helped us keep our goods safe and fresh.

If Plastic Products are harmful then they should be banned all over the country WHY ONLY IN MAHARASHTRA.

If liquor is harmful why it should be banned only in Bihar and Jharkhand. Why not all over the country. It should be first banned in the Forces.

If public is cheating banks then has any one thought of how and how much tax evasion is done by banks and public credit accounts are burdened with interest which goes even 1000 times higher than the actual loan amount. Politician are away from the facts. There statements become news and our views are considered as those of Cheaters.


I am ready to speak on the state should the occassion so arise.

TO PROTEST IT TAKES COURAGE AND TO support it takes only a Yes.

Have courage to protest . You will succeed.

Think of the unemployment caused in the Plastic products making Industries by imposition of this ban.

With Regards.

29th june 2018.

From: Saif Contractor <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2018 10:31 AM
Subject: "Plastic Ban" more  
I am for more efficient collection mechanism for all wastes. Due to the negligencey of municipalities, waste plastic has become a hazard. Otherwise technology is mature enough to absorb all waste plastic and utilize the same for better road making or convert the same into industrial fuel oils. Banning is no solution. Thousands of livelihood is getting affected. more  
I agree more  
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