Peripheral Neuropathy

I have got Peripheral Neuropathy of the feet. No Diabetes. B-12 Levels are O.K. I am 83. I have studied on Google and consulted Neurologists. All say there is No cause for it, any one can get it. I get regular massage of the feet, afternoon and evening. I do regular Exercise. I cannot walk because my Balance has been affected because of Peripheral Neuropathy of the feet. I do Static Cycling.
Dr. Gandhi or any one who knows about this aliment through some further light on this. more  

Rameshji and Dr. Arpan. Thanks for your concern. There is no cure for this ailment. I am not Diabetic. I have consulted 2 Good Neurologists in Delhi and 3 in USA. I have got my ENC Tests done. There is weakness in the Nerves below the knee. I am carrying on like this for the last almost 10 years. Yes Chakreshji, I am having 450mgs of Gabapintin at night to give me sleep. I go to a Gym next to my place regularly and Exercise almost 2 hours. This is keeping me constructively active and Happy. What can not be cured has to be endured Happily and Positively.
I am getting massage done of my feet afternoon and evening for blood Circulation. I have recently started Feet Reflexology by Acupressure of the Pressure points, which gives a lot of relief. A Nagging Tinkling constant pain is there. I feel one should bear it as much as you can than taking Pain Killers. Regards. more  
Mr Raja Chandra.
Peripheral Neuropathy at your age doesn't respond to treatment but the progession would not be very rapid based on the data you have shared. more  
Sir, we are sorry to learn about your ill health. We pray to almighty God to bless you early recovery. Regards. more  
If it is not severe then you carry on like this. But I would suggest to consult a good Neurologist. Are you Diabetic? My problem is for the last 10 years. Your neurologist will give you a Electro Nerve Conduction Test. This will give you the severity of Peripheral Neuropathy. This can be taken as the Base for future tests. Lot of people have Numbness of the feet fingers. Exercise is a must. This numbness happens because of poor Blood circulation in the extreme lower limbs like Fingers. Does this bother you, any pain etc. In severe cases the Neurologist will recommend Gabapintin for pain relieving. more  
Rajaji, for last one year I feel I am also having this numbness of foot fingers may be it is peripheral neuropathy. but i have started taking trinerve capsules and feel 15% improvement but i am not sure of the cause and benefits more  
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