People who are for OROP must read this.......

A motley crowd of subedars, naik subedars and the lowly have been protesting at the historic Jantar Mantar of New Delhi for the past two months. These people are being aided and abetted by the very affluent and well-settled retired Generals from the Armed Forces. What do they want? One Rank One Pension or OROP. But hear this they want this to be made effective from 30 years back. Now the Indian combined forces have a strenght of 1.5 mn. Let us believe in the cyclicality and similarity of retirement procedures and depending upon when the Forces reached their optimum level, an equal number, say 1.5 mn people should be getting hired and retired very year.

As a layman, whenever you join a service-the terms of employment are elucidated. These include Pensions and Family Pensions to take care of Widows. The Army has the Army General Insurance and Army Wives Association to seek and provide both insurance and resettlement to the decapitated, injured and retired people from the services. Now, pensions are linked to the last pay and linked to an inflation clause always. So person from the Forces can claim he was not aware what he will get post retirement.

Today's salaries are extraordinary for these guys. Let us say 1.5 mn people are granted a hike of Rs 3000 on an average, it will still vary by rank, per month. This works out to Rs 6000 crore additional bill for the Retired. Multiply it by 30 years and you have just created a Rs 1.80 lakh crore liability upon yourself. This is not a one time figure, annual bills could exceed Rs 10,000 crore indefinitely. The guys from the forces are not only greedy, they are being ludicrous and trying to fleece the nation in the name of protecting the country.

That might well be so. But when they go and seek 1.5 mn jobs every year they seek subsistence. Not patriotism but to get 3 good meals a day for their familiies. If a few hundreds get injured or killed every year, then this is the risk they took. And this risk is not less a risk than any other guy driving in Delhi takes. Extend this logic to the Police, State Security Agencies, Special Forces, NDRF, CISF, CRPF and BSF and the entire national Budget will go into paying Arrears of the Security Forces.

In the face of the so-called Coal and Telecom scams, this staggering figure will top everything. The media talks in innuendos and no one from the Retirees or the MOD places a figure they are pitching for.

This pure evil, pure greed, a loot of the nation and sheer exploitation of a new dispensation in power that was stupid enough to Sell OROP as an Election promise. A promise they should have never made and can never fulfill. And one from which the nation may never recover.

....................By an Indian who cares for the nation. more  

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1. Both are absolutely correct and the part of even opposition UPA alliance and other parties even, did not move any motion or Display a SAY about the Striking Ex-servicemen in the both the Sessions of the Parliament which went on so so for Congress protesters for something else of non importance for which there are Competent Courts to address. AND, THE STIR ON 14 th AUGUST ENLIGHTENS SOME THING ELSE for anybody .
2. The rigorous or aggress situation of 14 August naturally invited & attracted the Chiefs also to stage and demand on
3. This is now, absolutely became very sensitive and need some scholars to intervene.
4. In my opinion, they will definitely understand if the intellectual Professors those are socially bound discuss the mater in depth with the co-operation of the Military Retired Chiefs . This will also lead for a democratic and Civic conclusion by the Government.
5. This issue whether knowingly or un-knowingly is such a torturing issue to any Civic Country that need immediate Social application. more  
I have three of my close relatives’ retired, two officers from Indian Army and one lower rank from Indian Air Force.
All of them had the same background/education (engineering). The Indian Army officers were asked to undergo a training course of their choice (as per the assurance that defense personnel will be given suitable alternate employment up to 58 years) and my relatives went for a management course from a recognized institute on army expenditure while on duty. Both of them are getting a pension as per the current rules and also employed in a public limited company on a very lucrative post with all expenses born by the company. The Air Force ex employee being quite young is absorbed in a national bank on the basis of Indian Air Force. He is getting a pension and same starting salary what he was last withdrawing in Indian Air Force.
Now another relative who was engineer and was working with offshore oil company had retired at the age of 60 years. Please let me explain here that the life of service personnel is at risk during war and they spend few years during their service at difficult terrains but the life of offshore worker is at risk 24X7 (due to poisonous gases, inclement weather, shortage of supplies, fire prone area and difficult rescue). Also the offshore workers get no pension and they have no other training to make them eligible for a job after leaving offshore job (whether voluntarily or retirement). They also have to look after their medicals themselves. If they die offshore, they won’t get any aid from government.
In spite of the government doing so much for the army and other services (while on duty or after retirement) they cannot break their agitation on Independence Day and on the contrary threaten to die. What is this? Do they care for the country?
There are cases of bribe being paid to get recruited and personnel have died in a stampede during a recruitment rally.
If the current government is requesting them to give some more time for sorting it out, why can’t they wait? more  
it is high time that the civillians understand as to why the veterans are demanding OROP.
Prior to 3 CPC , ( Upto 1973 )Armed forces men were getting 70 % of last pay drawn as pension and officers were getting 60-65 % of last pay drawn as pension . The civillians were getting 30 % as pension.
The defence veterans used to get more pension as they retire early .
88 % retire after 15-17 years of service . oficers start retiring from 52 onwards.Hardly 0.1% officers retire at 58 and only one i.e chief retires at 60.Among men very few retire beyond 45-48.
But the 3 CPC made everybody pension as 50 % of last pay drawn. It reduced the pension of defence persons and increased for civillians. Assurance was given that defence persons will be given suitable alternate employment up to 58 years .
this was basically to keep the active armed forces young and fit to fight effectively .
The highest rank civillian officer ( Cabinet Secretary ) was getting Rs 408 -/- compared to Army Chief 's Rs 4,500 -/-.Today all are getting Rs 45000-/-.
Over a period of 40 years armed forces personnel have not been re- employed as assured.
since 1984 the demand for OROP has been raised and finally agreed to by UPA Govt in Feb 2014 and present Govt in May 2015 but so far not implemented .
The service conditions of defence personnel are entirely different . They have to guard the borders of Rajasthan , Ladakh and North East .
Really inhospitable conditions . Think of Siachin !
It is pity that soldiers have to come on the road to demand their dues .
This will demoralise the serving soldiers who will be veterans tomorrow.
This will definitely affect the security of the country in the long run.
Please just find out how USA and UK ( Both are Democracies like us ) look after their retired armed forces personnel.
We all should impress upon Modiji to fulfill his promise to the veterans of implementing OROP at the earliest . more  
Though we all honor the Indian Army , and realize their important and prime service and sacrifice while in and on duty , we have to also keep the applicability of any provisions to the Indian Military as such ; that shall not be demanded for sharing or application to Employee sector engaged in either Defence or in any government or industrial sector.
We all will agree for such application . But, none in the Parliament , Assemblies , in any government offices do co-operate with us for the fit redressa in this issue since our Constitution has some un-distinguished provisions and also do not clarify for application of special address to military etc., prime issues and even public interested issues . And, there are also no provisions to direct the Legislatures.
As you are also kindly aware, the Supreme Court is also not intervening or directing those which are against the constitutional objectives & ethics that are resolved in the legislatures . more  
Mr. Pritam Sharma has made an analysis of various aspects of financial impact OROP will cause to the exchequer. His arguments are at best biased and based upon hear say knowledge/half knowledge. It is best not to express your thoughts when the subject happens to be of an arm of Govt/Nation about which you are ignorant. more  
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