PDS, Pension schemes, Storing food grains, selling of food grains at govt counter

Half of India's problem would get solved if the existing schemes are executed properly. PDS system is not working accurately in rural India and masses are denied of their entitlements. Pension schemes are also misused are given to families on the basis of their political affiliations. In last two years we have witnessed, through electronic media, that a huge amount of food grains were wasted because of poor infrastructures for storing the same. Further, the farmers of our country can't afford sell their produce like rice, wheat, at an appropriate rate at govt. counters because of middleman, introduced by govt. officials, as witnessed in Bihar in 2010.
Hope our PM would focus on these aspects to act up-on because if these things are being ensured then there would be no need of Food Security Bill...which I believe as an pessimistic step as well as poor election stunt by UPA II. more  

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Above all the rich people who can feed their family must give up buying from PDS and subsidised items which is meant for BPL people. Govt also bring strict eligibility criteria for preventing misuse of PDS system more  
Instead of having FCI and the enormous wastage in the Godowns of food with the Government, the Ration shop set up and the administrative cost all this entails apaart from the spawning of rampant corruption such enterprises invariably allow and lapse into, the scheme of simply transferring the food subsidy directly into the accounts of the BPL and underprivileged through the Aadhaar number and Jan Dhan Yojana would be of sterling benefit to the actual beneficiaries. The beneficiaries then can buy their requirements through normal market channels like any other citizen. Aside from that and equally valid it will result in the dismantling of the elaborate food safety networks, FCI, Ration shops et al, drastically reducing Government expenditure for salaries, for the upkeep of these store houses and dens of leakages and corruption. more  
Presently the government is planning warehousing ; transportation and pricing reforms through the government agencies like STC . FCI . CWC. etc., with District based planning and control with an intent to introduce e-governance too. The issue of manipulations and misappropriations in PDS cannot be controlled unless connected with Aadhaar Card and also linked with net working . more  
Instead of selling food grains in govt counter if the point of sale from farmer is government without middle man and proper rate fixing before sending it to the factories or retail sellers would help farmers to get the correct price and the product rate will not get increased in the market which makes poor to get all the healthy vegetables. Excess when exported the complete profit will come to the government which can be equalized with the subsidy given to the farmers. In this method we are not going to get the product with heavy amount from the farmers and give for less cost to the common people and no loss to the government. more  
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