Pathetic condition of Duranto express

In last one week travelled to and fro to Bhubaneswar with very bad experience about Duronto.
While booking both occasions I had to pay about 50 percentage Dynamic charge inspite of having sufficient vaccant seats. How could a central government act like ticket brokers and what's wrong in privatisation then?
Secondly both times it ran 3 hours and 2 hours late just by standing and passing other trains in Kanpur - Mughalsarai zone.
Also the compartments are same as old express trains, no tap water most of the time.
For god's sake stop this fake claims and dynamic charges increasing charges by 50 percentage or people may be happy one day seeing this forced monopoly to end as private companies. more  

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Yes, every subsidy and freebie are given at the cost of tax payer money which needs to be understood. However, here, Duranto's pathetic condition is not agreeable/admissible and that after collecting such a huge fare. Of course, this does not mean other public transport carriers can be run in a hygenic manner. There has to be set standards to maintain basic hygiene at all levels, both in public & private sectors. more  
It is deeply regrettable that any train let alone Duranto is unkempt and unhygienic and to that extent the resource mobiliser's say is genuine and must be taken up in all seriousness. That, however, doesn't provide any justification for privatisation especially in a country where an average citizen is dishonest. I request every one, who faces such problems to file complaint with the Train Superintendent or in his absence in the train with Station Manager at the alighting point. more  
P.S.- Intead of Ms Rohini please read as Mr. Shibdas Mallik. Thank you. more  
So where do you think the government gets the money to run things in negative?? Grows on the trees?? You need to understand the socialist model takes money from hard working middle class and upper middle-class people and pours into failing businesses. It is never a free lunch as they say. When private business fails they lost the private money NOT the taxpayers money.
We in India still do not understand the economy. I would suggest reading basic economics by Thomas Sowell. more  
Ms Rohini- Seems you are advocating for PRIVATISATION. BUT PLEASE to eradicate one evil ,be cautious not to bring in another bigger Devil. How do you know Privatisation will not be more expensive and the base fare may not be increased? The Private Party has to make profit for itself and then it has to pay Loyalty or some form of Payment to Govt for using their assets. So they have to increase the total ticket value. Corruption Eradication and Attitude Change is ( I say IS and not ARE - as both are required simultaneously) the only solution to our National Calamity in all spheres. All Govts talk of VIKASH and how many crores are spent in each activity is given big publicity to public which attracts peoples mind and idea to big money. No Government ,either State Level or Central , has ever made any proclamation in this Regard in these 75 years. Seems to common man that Responsibility and Accountability may not be enforced in the Code of Conduct of each department. Otherwise BJP's two terms were sufficient to start and implement the above two in Public Departments and Lot of Publicity could have been given in media of instances how Corruption is being eradicated and Punishments being given and we would have seen a Better India by now. Hope and Pray that BJP takes a big step in this direction and draws public attention to these two vital National Character I remember how Government staff in all Departments ,even Court Staffs at all levels , were panicky and were coming to their seats by 10 am when BJP under Sri NaMo came to power and took over the reigns first time. But within 3 to 4 weeks everybody relaxed to old norms of no-Discipline when found that Center has not become serious. A very Good Opportunity of Public Reform was lost. Indian Railways has the biggest Network in the world. In 75 years we have moved to lot of digitalisation. When the rest of the World has moved to Robots,Drones, Driver less Cars, unmanned spacecrafts to distant stars and planets and accurate remote controlled bombing of targeted buildings in a city , ALAS! we are not able to control the Rail Traffic and Cleanlinesswith so much of Manpower and resources. God never rewards Non-Performers. Millions years of History has taught that "THE FITTEST ONLY SURVIVES". THE NON-PERFORMERS HAVE TO ROLL ON THE GROUND AND YELL AND GET TRAMPLED . TIME IS THE BEST TEACHER. more  
It's surprising to see someone diverting the main issue with a looong Political post but without any conclusion. I only questioned the activities of a Government Organization like private company, while enjoying monopoly for centuries, but failed to show any major improvement because of it's extreme bureaucracy.
Read your own last line "The fittest only survives......." . Is it true for Government monopolies?? NO. Fortunately only private companies have that logic. more  
No I did not say anything about privatization but said about change in HR practice. Other thing you sir do not understand when you have a government run anything it is also expensive in hidden cost of taxpayer money and that is why you do not see the real cost of running that. All government run transportation all over the world not just India is heavily subsidized with taxpayer money. So everyone looks like they are paying the same. Why do many in our country do not understand, if something does not work right let's look at the real cause of it. You have a perfect example in Air India run the old way. Learn from it and stop pushing the same. more  
I agree your comment about "Corruption Eradication and Attitude Change". These can be propogated through proper raising of children when very young. Any amount of teachings of Ethics or Attitudes in schools will not eradicate the current situation. Another point to consider is that current adults have been taught with/about Corruption. So, the current generation is lost to correct. Hopefully there will be a movement to raise children in an ethical manner. And the fruits of that would take decades, perhaps centuries. more  
The one thing we need to learn from the free west, what we in socialist India have lost is holding government employees accountable for their action. Clear job description for the jobs they are hired to do and if not they get warning before letting them go. Since we still don't have that clear expectations from all those work in railways or other government run entities, it will never change. Any of these things can not be run by central government. Following the socialist model for many years since independence, now for the change we have so much to do. more  
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