Overflowing Dust bins :Whose fault ?

Only 2 players are involved . One citizens ,the other authorities in charge :

This is a situation witnessed not only in the town I live . We have all read several posts , chats , complaining about similar conditions in several municipalities across India. So it is not related to particular municipality. Every one blames the citizens first . No doubt they generate and they do their duty to dump in the bins as instructed . Here also it has happened. They can’t keep trash in the kitchens .As it is, the Kitchens are rich sources offering feeding materials to all sorts of pests. Every citizen wants to keep the kitchens free from cockroaches , rodents and flies . More so with the non- vegetarians.

Most had opted for the last resort , penalizing those who do this. Is it justifiable ? No wonder a rule hasn’t come. The rule will bounce back on them.
WHAT IS THE REMEDY ? I strongly feel that it should start from the Municipalities’ side first before they exercise the right to penalize the citizens. There should be some officers and Engineers who are in charge for the municipality and several wards , AND HOPE IT IS NOT LEFT TO THE LAST GRADE WORKERS TO DECIDE .Swachh Bharat kindly visualize, correct some of the following suggestions:

My Humble suggestions :

1. Asses the amount of Garbage generated by the people in a street . This can’t be done sitting in the office making some calculations . GO TO EVERY DISTBIN BEFORE IT IS CLEARED ONLY THEN THE OFFICERS WILL KNOW IF THE NUMBER OF DUTBINS PLANNED BY THEM IS SUFFICIENT FOR THE CAPACITY OF GARBAGE TO BE PRODUCED BY THE RESIDENTS IN THE STREET.

2.Provide the exact number of dustbins required .

3.If big vehicle with facility to lift the bins hydraulically is not available for smaller streets , provide smaller humanly handle able bins by the municipality men.

4.For the sake of convenience to clear the bins by vans or humans don’t bunch the bins in front of one corner or a house . Let the vans and men go to several places to clear the smaller bins.

5. Rotate the placement of the bins to give relief for people staying close to the bins. The rotational placement should be clearly explained to the citizens.

6. Clearance of garbage should be based on the rate of accumulation or supply by the citizens and not on a once a day or one van basis.

7. Festival days , there will be debris from crackers , flowers , sweet and other packing materials will treble. Get ready for that. That’s when the monsoon is also active .

8. Make sure to fumigate the bins weekly to avoid te stink.

9.If Municipality officers are not able to handle the above , Swachh Bharat should provide expert advice through the members available in the circles.


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There should beregular fogging- may be every alternatinve day in Vikaspuri everywhere, Particularly Galaxy Apptts, Airport, Poorti, and Novyug Appttss, which are closest to Nalla - breeding ground for Mosquitoes. more  
Except for the Secunderabad Railway Station, I do not see the effect of Swachh Bharat mission at ground level. Overflowing Garbage Bins across the city of Hyderabad is a common sight. Unemployed youth, Volunteers can be given part time jobs to be the moderators between the citizens and the muncipal corporation. They can stand with Placards to ensure that people dump the garbage in the bins. Also, a regular mechanical mode of clearing garbage bins is not seen. more  
It is fact that none from Municipal corporations/Govt. do not go out of their offices to see the ground situation. How planning and deployment of men & machinery can be done. Wonder how without cleanliness diseases like viral fever, chickengunia and dengue can be eradicated. more  
I agree with Mr Daniel. The municipal officers must visit the areas concerned physically and inspect the bins and the job quality delivered and assigned to them. But I fear it would happen. Koi lauta de mere Acche Din. more  
Naturally, Indian way of looking at the situation. In Navi Mumbai, where since the appt of a new Municipal Commissioner in 2016, the garbage collection scene is fast changing. First, it was widely publicised that housing societies, etc. have to SEGREGATE the garbage; all were provided with two differently coloured bins for the same. In the next step, the garbage collectors of the compactors were instructed NOT to pick up the unsegregated garbage and warn the society etc. Tel nos and e mails of different officers were displayed on the NMMC website and one could upload the pics of overfilling bins. Things are slowly falling into place and citizens are co operating. Positively, the city is cleaner. Draw your own conclusions. more  
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