Over 70 pct AQI monitoring stations not working properly

More than 70 per cent of the air quality monitoring stations in the country are not meeting the requirement of collecting data of at least 104 days a year, per CSE report yesterday.

Our circle ask of allocating money to pollution and making it a priority sector in budget was accepted and I think 4000 crores has been allocated.

Can the Govt please look at fixing these qir quality monitoring stations. Will help a lot of people. Otherwise other than Delhi Mumbai Kolkata most of the northern India doesnt even know that they have a problem.

Lucknow, Kanpur Agra are also very bad.

Report summary below:

Per CSE, "There is poor data capture for reporting air quality trends in India. Manual monitors require at least 104 days of monitoring, which is 28.5 per cent of the days in a year.

"But CSE's assessment of the latest available manual data for all cities show that as much as 73 per cent of monitoring stations do not meet this requirement," the report said.

The National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) has completed a year, at the end of which 122 non-attainment cities have been asked to reduce particulate pollution by 20-30 per cent by 2024 from 2017 levels.

Anumita Roychowdhury, executive director, research and advocacy, CSE, said "The cities are expected to immediately begin reporting on their annual progress but for that, they must know the methods and standard operating procedures for such reporting. "How will cities know if their pollution levels are rising or declining? This is what our report tries to address."

She said given the "limitation of missing data", India requires methods for addressing data gaps, as other governments do, to meet the legal requirement of air quality trend reporting and compliance, adding that "India has not adopted such methods yet."

According to the report, there is no explicit method for using real-time data which is lot more continuous and voluminous than manual data to establish a long term trend.

"Real-time data is used only for daily reporting of spatial averages against the national air quality index, but that too with a rider that this is the most scientifically sound method," it said.

The CSE said that the pollution curve in Delhi is bending, but a much bigger cut is needed.

"Even after a quarter drop, Delhi still needs cut of 65-75 per cent to meet its PM 2.5 standards. Multi-sectoral action closure of power plants and big industry, natural gas transition across sectors, phase-out of old vehicles, reduction in truck numbers, BS-VI fuels and BS-IV standards, and more, has bent the curve.

"Significantly more disruptive action is needed for clean energy and technology transition, mobility transition and waste management to get the next big cut," it said more  

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NCAP, CSE - These must be Govt organization and other than the metro city where they are under the radar of infinite TV channels, they just work there and other city, the staff just take their monthly salary for nothing. This must change in Bharat. Any employee or manager observed not intrested in his or her job must resigne from service or just booted out. Now the vehicle polution in Bharat is mainly due to contamination of oil poured in various vehicle be it Truck, Hati, taxi, private car or just any vehicle. Courrption in Bharat has reach such a height that greedy people in business do research on contamination as how to turn 10 tons of deisel in a petrol pump to 15 tons by mixing something or the other , same with petrol just mix somnething to earn huge profit end result the vehicle on road emit black smok 24x,7 365 days a year. Police observe it but ignore it as there no law that they can arrest the driver for emiting black smoke from his or her vehicle until and unless he or she observes traffic rule. POLICE SHOULD BE EMPOWERED TO SIEZE VEHICLE EMITING BLAC K SMOKE. EVERY DRIVER SHOULD ENSURE HIS /HER VEHICLE IS WELL MAINTAINED AND EVERY PETROL PUMP SHOULD GIVE IT IN WRITING IN THE BILL THAT OIL THE PETROL PUMP IS SELLING IS NOT ADULTERATED. GOVT OF INDIA SHOULD COME UP WITH AUTOMATIC HEAVY DUTY VEHICLES WHICH DETECTS UNEVENNESS OF THE ROAD AND SAME TIME LEVELS IS INSTANTLY SO THAT EVERY ROAD IN INDIA IS PROPERLY LEVELED FOR SMOOTH MOVEMENT OF VEHICLES. SPEED BREAKERS SHOULD HAVE PROPER MARKING SO THAT DRIVER CAN MAKE IT OUY FROM HALF KM AWAY. more  
AQI is a must for every city ,Town where automobiles are plying; Construcion work Building as well as Road is going on . The dust from this settles down or moves on to the Streets and every time an automobile passes it comes into the atmosphere .

Shouldnt seek an easy solution of wearing different grade mask by all on all days . Why do we an organ nose ; to breath good air .

Roadwork to be done only in the night hours to speed up and reduce citizens breathing bad air .

* One of the features we see in small towns in the market area : Every shop sweeps the platform and the street part in front of their shop and bunch the trash in the middle of the road . When the wind blows or the automobile crosses all the bunched dust is scattered and also up in the air .
* Another feature we see in towns is that when the sewage or the Storm water canal is cleaned the debris is dumped on the roads and wait for the wind to take it away from the dumped spot to human Nostrils.

What can we the normal Citizens . We cant advise the shop keeper to collect the dust and put it in a bin orrevent the dust from flying . We will be asked to mind our business . It is here that the Establishment and authorities take initiative wisely to prevent the anomaly . more  
It will be wrong to say that the Kolkata does not have pollution measuring meters or they are defunct or do not work for the year round.
What is being done by the West Bengal Ministry should be an example for the central govt. too.
I know the issues like Pollution, child abuse and women empowerment and alike are easy to get acknowledgement.
Please try to write on issues how to empower the Closing down industries and prevent unemployment of illitrate staff , and their dependents in their families.
I have ideas but not to publish where no effect can be seen as an outcome.
Govt is dumb and deaf with their eyes closed on these issues.
They want people who can praise them and not the people who can really work for the national issues.
Ms. Vinita Agarwal ji, your attempts are wonderful BUT of no good result. more  
The budget allocation is needed to measure the pollution and then also to reduce it. more  
Very painful and a common possibility if done through the municipalities....

On Wed, 12 Feb 2020 11:54:22 +0530 Vinita Agrawal wrote
> more  
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