Our daughters on instagram reels

Of late, I have noticed a very disturbing trend.. Girls, barely 10-12 years old are posting videos (Reels) on Instagram of them gyrating to Bollywood numbers making lewd gestures..

Their accounts are mostly managed by their mothers..

What are we coming to as a society. What is wrong with these mothers? This is something govt cant do nothing about.

Believe u me quite a few cases out there where parents are trying to get their daughters inappropriate video through help of local police without much success.

Once inappropriate video of your daughter or grand daughter is on the internet, there is no going back/ more  

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Why not? Those mothers and their daughters are aware that there are several small screen/large screen .. etc. stars who have never gone to any school/ studied up to Class IV / VI, but earning in several crores. MNCs are paying in several Crores for 'promos', advertisements, etc. , Billionaires are paying in several Crores for their 'item' in 'events' for such 'Celebs'. News papers, magazines, etc. come out with their glossy, multi-coloured photographs. Why one should slog for hours and hours to excel in athletics or sports or studies? more  
Degeneration of human values, in particular Hindu religious values.Present generation imports vulgarity from U.S. Vulgar generation wants Vulgar amusement. People become animals, when they foget GOD & his rulings. The corrupt Bureaucracy having power in hand in controlling and regulating the events wants all this Vulgarity to continue , to satisfy their mental & physical needs. more  
Posting such videos does not serve any purpose for any body. more  
Here all mothers and parents in general to have long term thinking by hosting their young girls in inappropriate state. All parents may be aware that unsurplus elements misuse or morph and spread to other notorious circles, thus, a girls image, future is ruined,only, then interpretation of judgemental would strike. All social media platforms should block inappropriate or beaming lewd messages of any nature or small girls,boys or adults to save the innocents. Local circle group have several experts from various field including INFORMATION AND BROADCASTING, should evaluate and to initiate appropriate steps. more  
Education of Gita, Bhagwan Krishna's own direct teachings, from a very young age of 4 years will make a lot of difference. That person will understand the meaning of life, the materialistic value of money / the senses/ the body, what is Àtma and why we take birth and so on. This will bring a massive sea change in the downward trend for the better but if and only if the dark shadows of secularism don't hamper this move. more  
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