Nuclear Risk Imminent

Ukraine has just issued an update on Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant and its worrying for Ukraine Russia and Europe. Not yet for India.

Ukraine’s state department says - 750 kV ChNPP - Kyiv high-voltage line is currently disconnected due to the damage caused by the occupiers.

As a result, the Chernobyl station and all nuclear facilities in the Exclusion Zone are without electricity.

About 20,000 spent fuel assemblies are stored in the spent nuclear fuel storage facility-1. They need constant cooling. Which is possible only if there is electricity. If it is not there, the pumps will not cool. As a result, the temperature in the holding pools will increase.

After that evaporation will occur, that will lead to nuclear discharge.

The wind can transfer the radioactive cloud to other regions of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Europe.

In addition, there is no ventilation inside the facility.

All personnel there will receive a dangerous dose of radiation.

The fire extinguishing system also does not work, and this is a huge risk of fire caused by shelling.

The fight still goes on making it impossible to carry out repairs and restore power. more  

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There is a lot of fake news going around and propaganda to show Putin in bad light. How sure are we that the supply has not been turned off by Ukraine? There was no report of shelling near Chernobyl plant? So, what is the damage they are talking about? more  
I think the God created human being to end this era. The western theory of civilization & development though looks lucrative in short time but will be proved to be the greatest failure in the history of time. more  
How can people be so gullible! Do you seriously think Russia will create conditions leading to spread of nuclear radiation in its own backyard? This is nothing but Ukrainian/Western propaganda. Western media has already painted Russian President Putin as a monster. They are behaving same as in Iraq earlier when they happily (though stupidly) bought into the US propaganda about Saddam Hussain building WMDs. I think the U.S. is still searching for these WMDs in Iraq! more  
Are you sure,whatever you are writing is correct? Do you think, Russians are fools to let it happen?They are the closest and will get maximum radiation effect if this happens.What is your source of this information? Do you think Europe would be sitting so comfortably if there was an imminent threat?
Please Don't post such news without revealing an authentic source,ratified by International Atomic Energy Commission and United Nations as well as individual nations. Otherwise this would be construed as a fake news with the intention to spread panic and dramatize the already tense situation. more  
Difficult to comprehend that Russia, who is fully aware of the current status of the Chernobil facilities, has done this harm. Request to the Russians, kindly urgently make available the power for the spent fuel cooling facilities and all radiation monitoring and control services . Kindly serve the cause of the humanity. more  
Worrying. Russia's unilateral action has done this to this part of the world. Never did Russia initiate military actions as Putin just did in Ukraine, towards NATOs founding countries, i.e.United States, Canada, and several Western European nations! Collateral costs for Ukraine? How absurd! No external forces now can be blamed! Ukraine acted in defence, and under their President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's leadership has given the Russian military a surprisingly tough fight. Contrastingly Russian citizens, are almost on the verge, facing their President's unilateral acts' consequences, i.e. sanctions imposed by America, CAATSA ( Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act) that could also mean a coup d'etat there! more  
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