Nostradamus 2022 prediction

Nostradamus predicted future in 1955 and said 2022 will see death of a major political figure. Who could that be? Below is the full prediction

In 1555, the famous and extensively mentioned book "Les Prophéties" was written by the French plague doctor, astrologer, and seer.

The book is packed of lyrical prophecies, including wars, natural disasters, assassinations, nuclear assaults, and revolutions.

So lets have a look at What are Nostradamus' prophecies for 2022:

The death/disappearance of a political figure

"The sudden death of the first character, he will be changed and they will put another in his kingdom."

For some, this means that a significant member of the world political community has vanished physically. Some believe it refers to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, others to Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom, and still others to US Vice President Joe Biden.

Global warming

"Like the sun, the head will seal the shining sea. The live fish of the Black Sea will almost boil."

Nostradamus foresaw a solar storm of unparalleled magnitude, the melting of the poles, and a rise in sea level in this way. He also forecasted earthquakes, floods, and severe droughts.

Inflation and famine are two of the world's most serious problems

"So high the price of wheat/That man is stirred/His fellow man to eat in his despair."

He tells us that because inflation in the United States is at its greatest level in four decades, it will cause great unrest and possibly lead to individuals turning on each other for profit. Even if it suggests cannibalism, we hope it's more of a metaphor.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence

"The Moon in the full of night over the high mountain /The new sage with a lone brain sees it /By his disciples invited to be immortal/Eyes to the south. Hands in bosoms, bodies in the fire."

Concerns about artificial intelligence are growing as technology advances. As more AIs develop "consciousness," prophecies warn that one of them will become self-aware and take control of our systems. We must be wary in a world when everything is connected to the internet.

The European Union's Downfall

"Sacred temples of the Roman time, will reject the foundations of their foundation."

Those who have devoted their lives to deciphering the writings of the French prophet are certain that he refers to the European Union and foresees its demise, which could have begun with Brexit and would culminate this year with the collapse of this political community.

An asteroid strike

In 1555, Nostradamus also appears to have predicted that the Earth will be struck by an asteroid, resulting in mass death.

The astronomer's prophecies are vague as to when this claimed 'celestial stone' strike will occur, but he did write that a 'great fire' would fall from the sky. more  

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Good predictions. Difficult to decipher the predictions. All are scrambled. more  
These prophecies should not be considered in today's times. We must not forget the progress we have made scientifically and economically with so much of literacy all around. Worth neglecting.... more  
Prediction is not information. Post is not beneficial to the forum. more  
We have so many major topics concerning the people of this country that we need to bring up. This does not even make any the list. The topics we need to bring up is: 1) stop free electricity to farmers to gain votes. 2) We need to come up with a real regulated water supply to all the places in the country, so people do not pump ground water like no end. This is depleting underground water supply and truly is a real serious issue for the country. 3) Education and employment of young where we don't just spend government money on it. Due to reservation many who do not get into the colleges go to other countries for higher education. We have many with lower standard young left in India. 4) Making it easier to set up small businesses to start up in the small towns and areas needed. There are so many serious topics we have to talk about. Seema Belkur get the reality check and stop this sort useless posting. more  
Nature has matured. Earth has matured . But, World has not matured . This is a World of War(s) and Peace(s) in the passage of time. So long as War and Peace are friends , there are immaterial-issues . But, when War and Peace are enemies , there are non-immaterial-issues. When John Kerry , the American, campaigned for de-Russiaunization of Ukraine instead of Climate Change Sciences , less bothered was the World. Now, the World after burning its fingers, stretching hands for softer Leaves . more  
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