Noise pollution!!

Today we all speak about various pollutions causing incidences that mostly revolve around water and air pollution. However, another important aspect of pollution I. e. noise pollution is not much talked about. I am talking about the pollution caused by vehicular horns that cause a lot of pollution. The drivers are mindless of the trouble they cause to others due to the blaring of horns. The police and local traffic authorities need to educate these drivers and two wheeler riders about the essence of controlling noise pollution by avoiding the use of horns. I use horn only in extreme emergencies which must be two or three times in a month. Our drivers have no patience and sound horns as if the road will automatically get cleared for them. Some youths have a habit of literally ‘sitting’ on the horn while driving at break neck speeds. They need to be punished. If we do not control noise pollution, half the population will become deaf before they reach 50 years of age. Mark my words!! more  

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Everything can not be monitored and controlled case to case. People must have some social responsibility. Those who make such noise must think the disturbance to others with social responsibility. Those who feel it is disturbing must complain to concerned. more  
Noise pollution is one of the most dangerous pollution.You feel its impact when you are 60+.Govt must punish the culprits severley.We can learn from developed countries. more  
Our governments are mindless and never apply commonsense. Apart from noise pollution because of needless and mindless use of vehicular horns in absense of any directions/restrictions put by the administration, the state governments have mindlessly permitted for diesel auto rickshaws in majority of the cities & towns. The aftermath is unbearable sound and smoke containing high percentage of carbon dioxide emitted by the engines of these vehicles. Therefore, it is useless to talk about piollution and environment in this country. Our governments' acts are just reverse of what they talk about. more  
Besides human behavior,
1. the some auto bikes make noise when accelerated.
2. Most of the trucks (contractors and govt. agencies) running locally in the city make significant noise and air pollution.
3. Construction work in residential localities create noise, air, and dust pollution in addition to dirt.
4. High beam of vehicles in the localities and internal city roads create nuisance.
Education to drivers, publicity thru posters, signage and advertisement may help improvement. Education at schools and colleges to young drivers and children would also help better discipline. more  
I agree with Nitin. Noise pollution is very high on Indian roads most of which is avoidable. Unfortunately even educated persons are also use unnecessary horn while driving in addition to other commercial vehicle drivers. One of the reasons is poor/inadequate road infrastructure and lack of traffic discipline. We all shall strive to bring civic sense and traffic discipline to make life easy for everyone. more  
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