Noise Pollution in Cinema Halls.....

While being on the subject of noise pollution on roads, I would like to link this malady to our cinema halls.

The noise level in the halls when Ads are shown is relatively high, even to the extent of being unbearable. Also when music/dance is played on screen, the decibel level goes up suddenly, as compared to the level during dialogues/conversations. Why?

Allow me to share our today's experience in the PVR Chanakya where we went to see the movie Judgemental Hai Kya at 12.55 pm.

Ads, Music or Movie........the decibel level was unbearable throughout the two hour duration. Requesting the supervisor to tone down the volume during the Intermission had zero effect despite promises.

Please brainstorm on finding some solution......

It appears like they all get away with murder with no one to put checks......

In such cases, "chalet hai" should not be the solution...... more  

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This is true both for cinema and TV.It seems we want to make people deaf at much early age.Govt makes rule but there is no implementing agency.No authority is bothered of a complaint by common citizens. more  
Avoid going to cinema theaters and switch off tv when advertisement comes. This is the best solution rather than wasting valuable time on such trivial issues. more  
Sattya Pal Ratti is absolutely right . We have this problem even with TV channels. The decibel levels of ads are much higher than the programs. They don't seem to understand that the person has a remote and mutes the ads all together . At least I do. Then is I am preoccupied, I even forget to turn on the volume when the ad is over. more  
But "chalta hai" has become the policy of today in many of the issues we are facing. As regards the unbearable sound in Cinema Halls during playing a movie, you deserve appreciation for raising up the issue on this platform. No doubt the majority of the cine goers are facing the issue but shying to point out and following the policy of "chalta hai". If the trend is allowed to continue, I am afraid, those days are not far off when deafness will become one of the most common and major deseases we are fighting against to-day. more  
Current cinema halls are not built with acoustic norms. Speakers are poistioned across the hall especially from the back which really hits the heads/ears of the viewers. Regular cinema viewers will loose hearing power over a period of time. As Mr. Sumit Bajaj expressed, PVR and other producers confirm to this across the nation and this needs to be monitered by a separate agency which must be given power to proscute/penalise the offenders without any delay. This cases must be made known widely. more  
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