Nirbhaya's 4th anniversary - Can Women Safety be a priority?

On the 4th anniversary of Nirbhaya incident today, below is a summary of the key inputs from you on actions that must be taken to improve Women Safety in India. Kindly review and share any additional specific action oriented inputs you have. We will soon be finalizing this and sharing with key stakeholders so actions can be take to implement them.

Indian Police Foundation

Collective Citizen inputs to improve Women Safety in India

1. Reporting of crime against women should be made very quick and easy
2. Stricter censorship of movies, print and electronic media content should be practiced
3. Sex education should be provided at middle school level
4. Self-defence programs should be made mandatory for children at school
5. Counsellors should be appointed in all Government and private schools
6. Setting up of the dedicated, fast track benches in the existing courts should be initiated with strict and harsh punishment for the offenders
7. Electronic surveillance should be increased in cities
8. A one-stop emergency helpline should be developed to help women/children in any distress
9. Mobile apps with an emergency button should be created
10. Local community should be engaged on Women Assistance needs via Social Media
11. Educating the society about gender discrimination is important
12. At corporate level, all should get training on how to behave with women
13. Better facilities for sanitation should be provided in rural areas
14. The image of police should be given a makeover and they should become easy to approach
15. There should be more representation of women in law making
16. Special court for rapes, with retired IPS & Judges (50% female) with a 60 days verdict deadline should be instituted
17. Punishment of 14 years or higher should be given for rape and death penalty for rape & murder
18. A separate department should be created at district level for overseeing these things
19. The boycott of discrimination against women should start from within each household
20. Strict laws should be enforced as in Singapore where women can travel by bus or train even in odd hours
21. NGOs should be appointed to support the women who wish to report crimes against them
22. A mobile app should be made where women can feed in the auto/taxi number that they are taking at odd hours, which goes in the records of the nearest police station
23. Stricter laws should be made for firms for late night work and they must be bound to provide drop service
24. Dowry practice should be strictly condemned and amendments should be made to the dowry laws. more  

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Yesterday we had one more Nirbhaya. Why are the authorities so helpless and clueless? more  
Safety dial numbers if used can help in many Circumstances. Govt and Media shall every week NOTIFY PUBLIC AND , all Establishments whether Private, Corporate , Govt , PSU , NGO . more  
Training in use of Small arms ( pistols,revolvers ) must be provided at shooting schools to all eligible mentally fit women and certificate of fitness should be given when they pass.This is useful when they apply for procurement of small arms for personal use.
A psychiatric exam to be done to all who apply for the licence for possession of small arms.
Provision of sale of small arms to these eligible women who feel the threat at cost price from govt ordinance depot .
This will provide a confident atmosphere in the society to live fearlessly along with training in self defence courses,physical fitness, pepper spray ,mobile apps and then induction of SHE teams in police as done in Hyderabad will go a long way in bringing stability it may bring down violence .The info that certain women may be armed sends a signal to the would be criminals from desisting doing it. more  
First of all let woman change their mentality that every woman is to be honoured as an individual and they should not support their son or husband for their wrong doing.

Similarly, society, i.e.; each man and woman, should respect it. You can not take revenge by harassing a woman.

People should come out from the clutches of so called social institutes, which is not progressive.

Police should also change their mentality and help victim first by providing medical assistance and necessary legal assistance, particularly to the weaker society of the society.

Judiciary, should be strict with lawyer, who are taking undue advantages of british law.

In the present age of advanced technology, people can't remain absconding for a long and culprit police or lawyer should be prosecuted accordingly to set example in society.

The case should be dealt in fast track. more  
Besides punishing guilty heavily should we not educate upcoming children about decency, attitude, discipline, civic sense which will make them better citizens and future will have such less problems ? more  
Basic steps to be taught for not only women but in general for minors travelling alone etc on how to defend/protect themselves in event of any crisis or when alone. Emergency numbers and rest follow later. It would be better if self defence tactics are made public then it would create awareness amongst the common man. This could also deter any offender on thinking twice to commit a crime. Thanks Srikanth more  
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