Next President of India - Murmu vs Sinha

BJP has picked Daupradi Murmu as their candidate for next President and Opposition has picked Yashwant Sinha (once hardcore BJP) as theirs.

Murmu being a lady and representing tribal community is likely to have political gains but my question is “can she represent India on global stage the way its needed”?

Pratibha Patil earlier a congress nominee was a poor President. Is the decision well thought out?

Sinha in contrast has served as a minister knowledgeable and critic of the Govt. In these times when Govt is not doing something right, do we need a yes president or someone who can debate and discuss and question.

Please share your views everyone! more  

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The cast is not significant. her work is to be taken into consideration. Selfish Peoples are not suitable for any ministerial post or representative of nation. white skin does not indicates his / her soldiery with nation. even African / USA president were black in color. more  
In fact, posts of President & Vice President must be abolished and both do not have significance with respect to running government. These posts are continued following British Raj where Queen system is in practice but of no value. By abolishing these coveted posts, exchequer savings will swell. more  
There is huge expenditure on Governor House with no work.
3 States should have one Governor. There are about 550 employees in Rashtarpati Bhawan. Is it not sheer wastage of tax payers money ? more  
Sinha integrity is doubtful he never initiated good thing only copy paste as most of officer follow even as FM his contribution is point for debate. more  
It appears from the contents of the post that the author had not been impartial towards the government and the presidential candidate picked up by the ruling party on valuation of the ability of the candidate and the works of the government. She is apparently ignorant as well about the academic qualifications as well as political carrier of Smt. Murmu, who apart from discharging her duties as the Governor of a State satisfactorily, was also a minister in the State Government of Odisha. The author should have been specific in pointing out the shortcomings in Smt. Murmu as also the wrong things being done by the present government in the centre ! more  
I say lets give Ms. Murmu a chance. If she has been successful as a governor, she will be able to fulfill her duties. After all, the President does not go around the world that much, that is the task left to the PM. more  
There is no success or failure for political appointees. Ms. Pratibha Patil wasted tax payers money like water. She was a big flop in all respects. But she got full salary, perks and pension. Mr. Ram Nath Kevin always adopted austrity and he will also get same salary, perks n pension. more  
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