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The whitepaper on Making Life Easier for people with Special Needs is now available under:

Also, the whitepapers from Ministry of Urban Development on various subjects are available at this link.

Also, the following posts are open for your inputs. Please visit them and submit your comments.

1) Solutions to improve Public Enterprises
2) Population Control/Family Planning - Issues
3) Income Taxes - Issues
4) Middle Men at Govt offices - Issues
5) Menace of Drugs - Issues

We look forward to your participation!
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1.While highlighting the acts of Municipal Corporations being responsible to keep the cities/towns clean, the individual's responsibilities have been left out. It is to be made sure that the citizens unload/hand over the garbage at the designated areas/hand over to the collecting team. Fines should be levied on breakers of the rule.
2. Permanent shops/road side sellers/wandering vegetable, tender coconut & fruit vendors etc. must be made to maintain garbage bins/collectors which should be unloaded at designated places only. The latter groups usually create mess on their way of selling.
3. The elected citizen representatives/bureaucrats are in the habit of visiting various countries around the world in the guise of educating themselves for effecting improvements in their States/cities. This is a fraud played on the public, utilizing their money. This should end, They can instead be encouraged to visit improvements achieved within the country.
4. The politicians post their favorites from other departments to the municipal corporations just for whiling away their time, particularly at the end of their tenure & to make easy money. This should end. more  
Dear Rajendra Pratap Gupta,

This is to inform that I have already furnished my comments on the above 5 issues for issue of white papers in my all previous replies in this regard.

Thanks a lot. more  
The Government should take effective steps in releasing lands belonging to various temples being occupied by anti social and anti people depriving the temples of legitimate income to maintain them. These properties were gifted by the ancestors for the sustenance of the temples some of which in course of time due to the slackness shown by the successive governments and support given to the partymen who also happen to be anti temple people, they have been looted by them.The trend should be reversed.Whatever serious shown in respect of black money in India and abroad should be displayed in these issues also apart from denigration of Hindus and Hindu religion. more  
Population Control/Family Planning - Issues
There should be a specific rule in planning a family, where every family should have two childern (maximum), if a family have more than two childern, they will be off from the free treatment facilities as rendered by Government.
Middle Men at Govt offices - Issues
How it is possible, as most of the Govenment Officers are not user friendly. More over they take extra remuneration for the particular work through the middle man.
Middle Man may be removed only when the total system is under the control of a strong administration, where from every citizen will get proper work, proper justice.
At the present I am hoping for a strong administration from Mr. Modi, my Prime Minister. more  
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