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Thanks for all the inputs so far on Important Issues and Priorities for the next Government. For those who haven't shared their views yet, please do. We will soon begin the process of consolidation and then submit them to Mr. Modi by May 16th.

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Let us engage every citizen that we can reach out to in this very important conversation. more  

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Corruption is something that can’t be stopped in a day or two. If the topmost authority is honest, he has the capability of cleaning the entire group working under him. The Government should take necessary steps to identify honest people and give important responsibilities to them. more  
Dear Mr. Gupta, Its indeed an great effort to mobilize people of India to transform their Motherland. I must congratulate you at the beginning for taking this gigantic initiative. I would like to draw a point that independent INDIA had initiated and still in vogue-- and I believe it is crippling one segment of India growth-- that is health services to our COMMON PEOPLE. India is having shortage of physicians in modern medicines. There are long wait-lists hospital registry/ or long queue in outdoor clinic of hospital. Doctors are working in office time as per requirement and providing emergency service out of routine hours. But over Sixty years it has not been able to completely overcome our health problems-- though we are trying.

At the same time of shortage of doctors, we have tied hands of our skilled in-service doctors for not using their skills, qualification out of duty hours / out of hospitals. Is it not allowing our skills that have been developed over years to ruin without being used for the SOCIETY. This has been trapped in a so called package of 'Non-Practicing Allowance'. It is the time to remember that NPA was started ( one of many reason) to compensate long study years of medicine and consequently late entry into Job. To obtain Specialized qualification it requires 6+3+3 = 12 years of study after +12; whereas similar grade of job can be obtained after 3 years of study after +12== I mean graduation! This is part of our Pay Commission reports.

The bad effect is that Lakhs of Doctors who are in job are not being used for the community --- community is suffering. We must break this inertia!! Critics will say that doctors will earn money more--- but it is equally true that they are taking part in the development of a healthy society-- society is getting back them who have been qualified with tax payers money. Not everyone is interested in making mountains of money-- not everyone is ill-minded-- most of them are contempt with their reasonable (as it prevails in particular community/society) professional earning. So, for a few odd ones, why a society should suffer? We can make a healthier, smooth society if in-service doctors are allowed to take part in development of a healthier society out of their office hours. Hope through your portal, we shall be able break our 1/2 century old inertia-- its time wake up-- time to change our society.


Jai more  
this forum is great sir. in this manner - it seems that we are directly involved to the decision making in this modi govt. no words to appreciate this endeavour . with all the best to you. more  
Sir, it's delightful to me to be apart of transforming india along with our leader and all the eligible personalitys like you as iam student my view is reform our government into hindi and regional languages so as any one be comfort with our blogs2.simplify the tax as shukla sir said. more  
Dear Sir,
We all are delighted at the opportunity to be a part of this government in some way or other. To me, the chief concern here would be bribery and possibly lobbying at all levels (and its is common in any initiative you want to take).
I would suggest -
1. Minimize or abolish, if possible, the multiple levels of bureaucracy in obtaining permissions. We should have an online portal with all necessary information required for set up - continuously updated (we all know the pathetic situation of most government portals) - and in easy-to-understand language.

2. Simplify tax structure
3. Digitize the process with ETA for required approvals - continuously updating the beneficiary with updates.

We should not be in a position to ask "Ok, what next!". This should also be popularized and encouraged in rural areas more  
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