New Covid is here

A New Covid is fast spreading in China and this post is not to create fear but create awareness about it in people who may care.

These are the things we know so far about New Covid that media may not publish till its everywhere.

New Covid is airborne.
New Covid spreads when people who have it breathe out, and someone else breathes it in.
New Covid is able to infect people who have been vaccinated against Old Covid.
New Covid is able to infect people who have previously been infected with Old Covid.
New Covid is not a respiratory virus, although it most commonly infects people through the respiratory system. New Covid is a multi-system virus that infects your whole body.

New Covid can infect and damage your immune system.
New Covid can infect and damage your nerves.
Actually, New Covid can infect any living tissue in your body, including your brain.
It can't infect your hair or your nails.
But it can infect the tissue that creates your hair and your nails, causing harm to those parts of your body.
New Covid causes harm at three stages.
Acute Infection, Medium Term, Long Term
A New Covid infection can cause a huge variety of symptoms in the 'acute' stage of infection.
A lot of the symptoms are not the damage caused by the virus, but the reaction of your immune system.
If you have a New Covid infection and do not have any symptoms, or only mild symptoms, it does not mean that the infection is causing you no damage.
It means that your body is not using all of its defence mechanisms to fight the virus.
During the 'acute' stage of the New Covid infection, the virus can cause damage to *any* tissue in the body, but it especially likes tissue that is rich with cells with ACE2 receptors. That's a lot of cells.
New Covid kills any cell it invades. Blood vessel cells, brain cells, liver cells, heart cells, nerve cells, immune system cells.
It's normal for cells to die, and your body will make new ones, but the process causes damage to your tissue, especially if it happens all at once.
The damage caused during the 'acute' early stage of the New Covid infection leads onto the midterm damage.
During the acute stage of the infection, New Covid can dysregulate various bodily processes, so you are more likely to develop a large number of health conditions in the aftermath.

One large area of problems caused by New Covid is autoimmunity.
Autoimmunity is when your body is confused into attacking itself.
This is bad.
New Covid increases the risk of developing over 50 autoimmune disorders.
Because New Covid dysregulates your immune response, you'll also be less able to fight off other infections, bacterial, viral, fungal.
But your body is an integrated system - your immune system is completely interlinked with all your other bodily processes, so since New Covid can damage the processes that regulate energy transfer, your immune system may have less energy available to fight infections.
The same goes for nutrient absorption and movement throughout the body. New Covid can disrupt the systems that regulate these processes, meaning that your body won't have the right resources in the right place at the right time.
So it doesn't matter if a New Covid infection seems mild at first.
Other serious illnesses, like the one caused by SARS-CoV-2, can seem mild at first, but are also actually doing damage under the skin out of sight.
New Covid can infect your brain.
It does there the same thing it does everywhere, it infects cells and kills them, and disrupts the essential processes that keep your body stable.
New Covid is preventable.
You can dramatically reduce the risk of catching and spreading New Covid by understanding that it is spread by the air that people exhale.
It's important to understand this.
We're not just talking about coughing, or shouting, or sneezing, New Covid is spread by *breathing*
Once New Covid is exhaled, it doesn't just drop to the ground. It floats through the air on tiny particles that move like smoke or vape or dust.
So they can be trapped by equipment engineered to stop those kinds of particles.
Wearing masks engineered to FFP2+/N95+ standard reduces the risk of both exhaling into the air or inhaling into your lungs New Covid particles.
The better the fit, and the better the mask, the more effective this is.
New Covid particles are the perfect size to be caught by the clever automatic electrostatic system within the masks mentioned in 25.
Air filtration is another effective way of reducing the risk of New Covid transmission.
Air filtration does not eliminate the risk of infection, but reduces it.
Big businesses, governments, and billionaires use air filtration to reduce the risk of catching New Covid.
Diluting or changing the air is another way of reducing (but not eliminating) the risk of transmission of New Covid.
Creating a flow of fresh air into and out of a room removes virus particles from the room, and reduces likelihood of transmission.
But New Covid transmission can occur in well-ventilated rooms and outdoors, if exhaled air or droplets are inhaled at close range.
New Covid can be transmitted by people who have not yet developed symptoms.
So you can have caught it on Monday, give it to people on Wednesday, then symptoms could appear Friday.
So people aren't safe just because they look well.
Tests for Old Covid can also be used to test for New Covid.
They can often produce false negatives (say you don't have New Covid when you do)
And they hardly ever produce false positives (say you do have New Covid when you don't)
So if you're in doubt, act like you have it.
If you have New Covid, try to avoid spreading it, because it's nasty and does all the stuff mentioned earlier, and more, like cause accelerated dementia.
Washing your hands and applying hand sanitiser does absolutely nothing to stop you inhaling an airborne virus like New Covid, but will help prevent spreading other disgusting diseases and reduce your risk of food poisoning.
New Covid can cause an ongoing constellation of long-term health conditions called by some people New Long Covid, and by other people Long New Covid.
These people are bitter enemies.
Since New Covid can infect cells in every part of your body, and infect and do damage to blood vessels in every part of your body, and infect and do damage to every nerve in every part of your body, then the presentation of New Long Covid/Long New Covid is very diverse.
There are over 250 symptoms of Long New Covid/New Long Covid.
Some are seemingly trivial, some are devastating.
The full list of symptoms of Long New Covid/New Long Covid may appear to be at first glance to be very similar to the full list of symptoms reported by some people with Old Long Covid/Long Old Covid, but don't be fooled, they're totally different.
It can take years for the symptoms of New Long Covid/Long New Covid to appear.
Don't ask me how we know that already, when New Covid was only discovered today, but we do.
New Long Covid/Long New Covid can be completely life-changing, and not in a 'I'm going to fulfil my ambition to run for office' kind of way. More in a 'I can't even get out of bed' kind of way.
New Covid mutates very rapidly, so that it will be to reinfect you months after you've had it. more  

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WHO must act immediately. Travel from China must be banned more  
If true, the only remedy seems to be N-95 and social distancing. Hope 'Lock Down' will not be needed again. What are the chinese doing to face the situation? more  
All those things are silly at this point. more  
Govt shoult first put a alert all people coming from after having travelled to china should be first checked for these symptons before it becomes critical .this needs to be done on a war footing and we should not forget how devastitating covid was.China is a global hub for all diseases hence all people who comes from there should be tested. more  
Stop Pushing for the same crazy travel bans. more  
Oh God, not again more  
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