In recent years , it has become too frequent when decisions are forced by mob by blocking the roads, stoning public properties, setting fire to the buses and trains etc., even when decisions are taken in Legislative Assemblies and in Parliament as per the procedures of democracy.

When such mob protests are organized , obviously they are backed by vested interests with money power or motivated activists or by some political parties. In such conditions, meaningful and logical discussions become impossible. The visual and print media in the country give huge importance and publicity to such mob protests, which has the negative effect of encouraging the mob to intensify the protests and
indulge in violent methods.

This has the adverse impact of making the rule of law a laughing stock and is a very bad trend that should be resisted.

It is high time that the Prime Minister Modi should stand firm on the decisions taken based on Parliament approval.

If Modi government would bow down to the demand of the farmers in Punjab, who are not amenable to logical discussions and go to the extent of stating that Mr. Modi would have the same fate as that of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, and if the mob will have it's way , pandora box would be opened up in the country. Prime Minister should ensure that this would not happen.

N.S.Venkataraman more  

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The laws reflect the over all welfare measures for farmers but the misinformation campaign by political Opponents, the rich middle men posing as farmers and the controllers of mandis are ruling the roost. The safe guards are well thought of by the GOI. In negotiating they must appoint a farmers information committee to clarify all questions, apprehensions by a toll free line , newspaper advertisements , tv debates to explain away like NRC. There seem to be a deliberate attempt to defame the GOI which is doing good work. more  
Farm Bills though wholly Support, Secure Farmers Illfull Politicians backed the initiated Middlemen AND GOI is cornered with unjust Agitations. more  
It is futile to imagine that the elected representatives really go through all the resolutions placed in parliament or assemblies. Many who are nominated by political parties and subsequently get elected, have criminal records. Also, all political parties practice the art of protests and bandhs when they are in opposition including disrupting proceedings in parliament and assemblies. There are no exceptions with any political party. Hence wetting all laws in standing committees is a good method to get the views of all parties. It is left to the ruling party to accept or reject them. more  
It is the gross misuse of democracy. It seems mobocracy has replaced democracy. The opposition parties fully exploit the situation to their vested interest - be it protests by religious groups, students, Govt. employees, farmers etc. There is need to amend the existing laws and courts should not interfere in the garb of section 14 and 19 pof fundamental rights every where. Application of these sections had already done immense damage to all wings of administration. If electoral and judicial reforms are effected, many socio-economic probems will fall under control. more  
Exactly Correct. I reiterated Many times. General Public to be Preferred by SC than Individuals or AOPs more  
I fully endorse the views of Sri.Venkataraman.Ours is an indirect democracy as all democracies in the modern day are and a Parliamentary democracy as well.That the Govenment is forced to discus directly with certain vested interests bills passed by the Parliament is paradoxical.The M.P.s represent the very people with whom the Government is again discussing the matter bypassing the Parliament.It is a dangerous trend which no one seems to recognize.Why do we need a Parliament then? We of course can not go back to the days when Romans had direct democracy.The decisons of the Parliament are binding on all people.That is the meaning of Parliamentary democracy.If at a later date another group comes up with demands opposite those of the agitators what will the Government do? Can they reopen the negotiations?That will be unending.In my view there should not be any discussion with vested interest group by the Government.There is no employer -employee relationship between the Government and the agitators. more  
Administration has become very week these days due to politics. It can not function with so much political interference. People in general have lost faith. more  
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