Narcotics control - Indian needs of special forces with weapons

The wel known agricultural.belts producing poppy,Ganja and the illicit labs in pharmacities need tougher enforcement units at central.levels .
The state excise units are not capable to prevent growth and processing ,supplying the narcotics as it is a force just for local liquor, smuggling of contraband and other substances .
But lack of serious orientation education and motivation has made them a very docile pliable force vulnerable to corruption.
Thus daily raids seizures are mired with legal hurdles and soft acquittals and painfully prolonged low convictions.
Thus it is growing rapidly threatening even state govts stability in not able to control.The tribals living forest and hilly belts are making huge amounts of money through this illicit crops.
The other day tribals in AP protesting raids,attacking raiding law enforcers,demonstrating on roads to exempt one year from raids quoting that they have for growing crops!and in addition stating that it was their only source of income for a long time!
Anti nationals,terrorists and smugglers are thriving due to drug business.
It is time that GOI took serious stand and act by itself instead of depending on state excise forces who are corrupt and ineffective in routing the prohibited cannabis,opium and drugs.A special force to be raised trained ,equipped with automatic weapons, bullet proof vehickes,helicopters,drones and courts to punish .
Other wise the present set up will encourage drug trafficars to selldrugs with impunity .
Delay will cause a irreparable loss to the younger generations.
jaihind more  

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There is massive corruption connected with drugs. Is this the case with drugs only? It is a general phenomina. Who plays major part in corruption. People and executives. How many executives have been punished in last 75 years for offense of corruption? Perhaps a very very small no. or possibly none. Main reason for this is every act has a clause protecting GOVT. servants from being sued for acts or omission of any act in performance of his/her duty. In fact this is clearly violation of constitution clause stating equality of before law. These laws were made by Britishers (Rulers) to protect their employees so that they could get any work - even illegal from these obedient servants. This should have changed after 15-08-1947 - day of transfer of Power. All such clauses from all Acts MUST be deleted forth with Also how many bribe givers have been punished in last 75 years - none. Punishing a few bribe givers shall have good effect on reducing corruption. RYK. more  
Drugs production, smuggling and consumption is a worldwide phenomenon. As long as people are there to consume it, it will go on. What is needed is a campaign, particularly amongst the gullible school and college students on the bad effects of falling for drugs. Parents are also responsible for not monitoring the habits of children and available of money for buying them. more  
Raids and seizures are common and find headlines in social media and channels and die down after a couple of days or so. But social media does not bother what is the end result of such raids and seizures. Century old corrupt system is in blood since birth with very very very few exceptions which can be numbered. Such persons do not exist longer. Every government is corrupted to the core and nexus with goons and politicians worsen the plight. Massive public movement only can change but generally people are selfish to get things done very easily and in short time. None has time and energy to wait. Culprits and defaulters bribe and get things done. Whom to blame. Money has no value. more  
There is urgent need to amend NDPS Act as suggested by Ministry of Social Justice. Certain drugs were banned under pressure from US Government in India. People in India have been consuming "Bhang" and "Ganja" for thousands of years. These should be removed from NDPS Act. Even growing of Poppy plants should be allowed. Government should create awareness about addiction to drugs and should not try to control eating habits of people. As mentioned by members of this circle there is massive corruption connected with drugs. more  
Positive mind dedicated Responsibility by Policing and Judiciary can eradicate more  
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