Mody , a Daring Leader of Public Interest

Mody , a Daring Leader of Public Interest .
Sri Narendra Mody , is a Democrat having vested Public Interest and National Integrity too .
1. He staged in his first America Campaign and endowed with altogether support for making India a Swaccha Bharat .
2. He dedicated and achieved coordination and cooperation of several World Countries for Economic Development in this Country .
3. He secured public opinions and sought public Suggestions in concluding many Issues that require requisite Reforms at National Interest and Public Welfare .
4. His opted reforms covered all Fields and all Sectors of People of different Status and Gender .
5. He was secured with the best working Team of Ministers of Public Interest .
5. He could well secure the prompt and dedicated workmanship in the Governing machinery .
6. His option of NJAC brought a meaningful thought and voluntary re-dedication to the roots of Law and Justice .
7. His selection and option in Technical and Social Skills reaching getting fast developed .
8. Sincerity , Dedication to Duty , getting increased .
9. Financial Control is keeping the Country's Economy in growth-route
10. Confining the Aadhar Card implementation under Finance System itself is his Success in starting curb of Corruption .
11. The National Survey Conducted by the Team about the Corruption and Black Money in about a period of six to nine months , its ONE TIME Media share in the first half of this year was his second step in the way of Curb of Corruption & Black Money .
12. Sri Mody's call for Wealthy Citizen and Businessmen at repeated intervals to come into the main stream of Indian Finance System was his III rd step on curb of Black Money which indeed was sworn by many who declared thousands of Crores .
But still , his steps 1 , 2 , and 3 could not convince those real Black Money Holders who stands beyond the Tax Evaders .
13. Sri Narendra Mody , our Prime Minister , though we had been suggesting and demanding curb of Currency above Rs.100/- and expected by Dec.14 , later by Dec.15 , and , repeated the absolute necessity of Curb of Currency even before 31.12.2016 , though declared on 8th November , still not appears so strict to close by 31.12.2016 .

But , at the interest of the Nation and to save the innocent Citizen those Starving and Still Striving to live and fail to educate their own kids , the P.M. and His Ministry has to work for prompt closure of validation of 500 and 1000 currency by 31.12.2016 please . more  

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Identified 17.73 lakh Suspicious A/cs ; 3.68 lakh Crores worth Suspicious Deposits ; 2.24 lakhs Shell Companies during Demonetization Campaign SHALL BE TOTALLY CHECKED TO SEIZE BLACK MONEY IN CURRENCY FORM. Aadhar shall be linked to all Subsidies , Grants , Loans , Advances , Deposits , Donations , Shares and Dividends ; AND Sales; Purchases; Payments above Rs.1,999/- ; Fee and Charges above Rs. 199/- EVEN HEREAFTER MANDATING DIGITAL AND BANK THROUGH TRANSACTIONS ALLOVER THE COUNTRY to eradicate Corrupt Practices AND DIRECT THE INCOME FOR EDUCATION AND SELF EMPLOYMENT. more  
CORRUPTION CONTROLS, Demonetising 2000 and 500 replacing with 200 SHALL BECOME THE 1st PRIORITY IN 2019 ITSELF . more  
Improved Transportation Facilities, Industrial and Livelihood Infra, Linking of Aadhaar, Limiting Cash transactions to Rs.2,000/-in private and Rs.199/- in Govt. Institutions ARE THE FAST NEEDED REFORMS to control continued Corruption and increasing Black Money. Resurvey and Settlement of Lands in terms of Land Ceiling Acts ; comparing Rights on Land and Layouts of Revenue with Registrar of Stamps ARE PRIORITY ISSUES TO DRILL OUT CONCEALED AND CONCENTRATED WEALTH. Political and Judicial Reforms; Accountability of Media ; Police ; and Educational Institutions , THE FUNDAMENTAL ORGANS OF JUSTICE, Social, Economic and Political ARE TOP ISSUES WHICH ONLY REGULATE EQUALITY AND FRATERNITY IN THE COUNTRY. more  
65 lakhs Currency Seized pertaining to Interest Payment by some 'O Business' traders of Begam bajar to 4 Bombay Financiers. Such volume is monthly transported through Andhra Parcel Services of Osmangunj.

1. Many commodities are counterfeits cheating the original manufacturers and customers .
2. Sales Tax of majority % of Sale Turnover had been under continued loot selling without Bills and accounting .
3. There are many such Cities and many such Traders decades together and was why GST was thought and now implemented .
Even this is getting diluted in enforcement since many are colluding with Input Subsidy under GST too . more  
Supreme Court to recognize the Media Reports where the Exchange of Currency was set for repeated Exchange with Discount and Premium ; and the fact of Minors being paid the Exchange in the Banks . Apex to also call for the Statistics of Total Currency outside the Banks in 500 & 1000 === 10 to 100 === as at 30th June , 30th September , 8th November and the latest Date . S.C. also to call for Number and Value of Currency Seized while on transportation by Police since 9th November in all States from POLICE as well as Media to confirm the possibility of Demonetization in India which absolutely become necessary to Seize Black Money and Concealed Currency under article 39 C even . It is true that it is not possible to Exchange the 500 and 1000 notes with the new Notes SINCE THE ILLICIT PROCESES OPTED AS CITED ABOVE , CANNOT BE CONTROLLED AND THE WHOLE NOTES IN CIRCULATION IN THE COUNTRY AUTOMATICALLY BECOME WHITE just with this Sincere and dedicated step of Government . Here , in this connection , every one has to understand that the Prime Minister of India had to suddenly take this decision ONLY DUE TO THE VIGILANCE INFORMATION REPORTED TO HIM . Some of us , the POLICE ; RBI ; MEDIA OF TAMILNADU know that a Bundle of Currency was looted making hole with Gas Cutter to the Railway Goods Train Wagon while transporting the Currency in Tamilnadu Area . THIS SHOWS THAT , THOUGH THE RBI etc., KEPT QUIET , THOSE LOOTED THE BUNDLE MIGHT HAVE DISCLOSED TO THEIR KNOWN GANG LEADER AND , THE INFORMATION ABOUT NEW NOTES UNDER TRANSPORT might have gone to Very Secretly to various in that State , and , may be the other Places . THE ROBBERY OF NEW CURRENCY BUNDLE WAS TAKEN PLACE IN OCTOBER 2nd fortnight only . more  
1. Govt. Stipulated that transaction above Rs.20,000 shall be through Cheque/Draft BUT FAILED IMPLEMENTATION . 2. Govt. Stipulated that all Bank Drafts above 40,000 shall be only through Account held in the Bank . BUT , FAILED TO CONTROL MULTIPLE ISSUE OF DRAFTS OF 40,000 IN A DAY by same person to same person . 3. Govts. Failed to control manipulation and mal practices in Banks by Officials and ; their legal option of Writing of Loans under Bad Debts cashing Bags of Corruption . Now also the same Banks are and had to be used for Exchange of Currency . 4. Govts. as well as Banks were not interested the limits of TWENTY THOUSAND CASH ;; FORTY THOUSAND DRAFTS ; to enforce at Constitutional ethics or even their born Citizen Responsibility . 5. Governments and Banks those grossly failed to organize the issue of Drafts STRICTLY AT LAW , Many individuals and businessmen could have their Bank Accounts now , this misuse and the Staking of Black Money could not have taken place to its heights . THIS ALSO PROVES THE WAY THE CONGRESS PARTY OPTED while reducing the Income Tax on Companies and Business Firms by 25% . This only seconded the issue of increasing Black Money Mountains . The Black Money and Concealed Money from Income and Wealth Tax in India is much more that the Black Money set and held abroad please . more  
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