Modi poll promises:

Govt came to Delhi promising rapid economic revival..But he has put land acquisition bill on the backburner...he has alienated the corporates..

We were expecting some massive revival under Modi .But that has not happened...
Reforms are on the backburner....Modi has spoken about Stalled Projects revival .But that has not happened...

Mines/Minerals auctions are not taking place...
When will reforms take place... more  

Whatever is the scenario be it for making Swaccha Bharat or Udyog Bharat before proceeding for improvement and taking corrective measures "WHY" should be kept in mind this not only helps in solving the problems but also provides reasons for failure. Whatever has been done so far has been done as routine not by proper thinking and reasoning. more  
1. The main requirement for any Industry ; Business ; or any Public Welfare implementation === IS ONLY THE LAND ===as your goodselves also know.
This very foremost important necessity is only Politically tackled by the Opposition Parties .
2. This particular Land for Industries and Businesses require Fuitable and Fit Economic place accessable to Needs & Marketise / Serve and there by particular places are must for even a normal Selection.
Such lands and the lands around Rail Track and Highways were at a maximum quantity already in the [ i ] Dry & kept Baren. [ ii ] Converted to Commercial Crops [ iii ] Under Tenancy / contractual / lease Cultivation.
3. Thus , Firstly , most of the area lands are mainly in the hands of Wealthy / Binami / and even at some places , fallen under Urban and Agricultural land Sealing the then Purview and some are still un-settled in the Courts .
Secondly , the Status of Ownerships of such qualified Lands in Revenue Records of Rights are different from the Record of Title Rights in the Sub-Registrar offices. And, at some rare issues, the Possession Enjoyer of the lands will be different having purchased on Agreement and with an Un-registered G. P. A.
4. These are the 50 % main reasons for the cause of Opposition Political Parties venturing against the Land Acquisition Bill.
The another main and important cause is known to all of us that the Opposition Allience rigorously trying for a long long delay of the New industrial and Business up-lift which only would address all sorts of grievances of the poor people and even the Comman man. If this is failed , the opposition wants to twist a lot .

It is the very reason of Defying [ i ] Land Acquisition Bill [ ii ] Transportation and Road Safety Bill [ iii ] Even mending themselves to act against the Real Estate Regulatory Issue.

EVERY-BODY AND EVERY BODY in Educated and Business Sector know that the Backing for all these above Issues is only the REAL ESTATE MAFIA & BUSINESS & TAX MAFIA.
5. Let us hope the good direction from and after June please. more  
Why is not investments not reviving?what is the problem? more  
How will India infra revive? more  
His own sangh parivar are not supporting land bill... more  
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